Binary Destroyer Review

Welcome to Best EA Forex site! This time, after doing some research, we are doing a Binary Destroyer review. Have you heard about this software already!? It has been more and more popular lately as the market keeps rising with new offers and people. So, to keep you up to date, we are jumping in with this highly detailed review!

As usual, we are going to be disclosing all the main points about this software along with this article. And, by the end, you will know already if this indicator is the right fit for you.

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Let´s get started with this Binary Destroyer review already!

What´s The Binary Destroyer?

The Binary Destroyer is a software indicator that has been around the market since 2015. But, even though it can be considered to be “old” it´s the opposite situation. The developers behind this company have updated this whole indicator seven times already. So, currently, this one is the seventh version of this amazing product! And do you know what? There are tons of different traders around the world, even professionals, that have said this one might be the best indicator in the market.

The Binary Destroyer is the perfect software for traders who want to expand their portfolios with some of the best assets in the market. That´s why you can choose from stocks, commodities, and Forex currencies. So make sure to choose the ones that you are interested in! And don´t be afraid to try some new ones, as you get a free demo account as you sign-in with this indicator!

Services Offered

Throughout this Binary Destroyer review, we are going to be talking about the different services they offer. And just let us tell you something, this company has many offers for their clients! So you can even learn and make tons of money while learning how to operate this software.

At the moment, there are one-on-one trading courses available for all skill levels. You can check out their blog, Youtube videos, Twitter, and Instagram accounts if you want to be up to date with their new releases.

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The Binary Destroyer Features

  • All traders get a free demo account with money to test their software.
  • This indicator has market adaptability to all conditions.
  • The Binary destroyer doesn´t repaint while trading.
  • This software uses candlestick patterns to calculate the prices when the market.
  • It uses strategies as price-action, scalping, and stop-loss.
  • You can choose from different assets like indices, commodities, Forex currencies, and stocks.

Who works behind The Binary Destroyer?

The Binary Destroyer is the best-selling product from the company FX Learning. Since 2015 this company has been owning the charts with the best indicators and learning services. They are based in the United Kingdom, in Desborough city. So far, we can tell you with no hesitation this company is fully transparent with who they are and what they offer.

The creators and developers behind this software managed to get The Binary Destroyer as a fully regulated brokerage. So, your money and your account will be safe at all times! But if you have any trouble, you can always contact them, as their customer support is amazing. Or you can submit your inquires to their email, fill out a form, or talk to them using social media as well! As you can tell, there are many ways to reach out to them.

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The Binary Destroyer Trading Strategy and Performance

The Binary Destroyer review wouldn´t be complete without talking in detail about the strategy used while trading! So, we have quite a lot of things to disclose here, as this software uses many different strategies combined! But you have to remember they are all customizable as well. So you can choose the ones that benefit you the most!


  • Mogwai Strategy: This one works using trend following to enhance your chances of making more money with your software. This strategy works well with both Forex and Binary currencies in all market conditions.
  • Pullback Strategy: This strategy is the perfect one for traders who like scalping and swinging while trading. It is about taking advantage of the market changes at all times!
  • Divergence Strategy: This one allows you to spot momentum in the market even before the competitors do. And that´s why it focuses on a price action strategy.

Packages and Offers Available

Above in this Binary Destroyer review, we have spoken about how this company has many services offered at the moment. So, right now, we are getting into detail about all the things they offer!

  • There´s a free training course for beginner level. Anyone can try it out.
  • Training course from beginners to experts levels: This comes with The Binary Destroyer.
  • Price: £135
  • A Standard Trading Course for traders with more experience in the market. This package comes with all indicators listed by this company. And it includes The Binary destroyer.
  • Price: £105
  • An Institutional Course that comes with the best features for market analysis.
  • Price: £300
  • Lastly, there´s a one-on-one webinar: you get mentorship with the developers of this software. And also, you get all the knowledge from some of the best traders in the market.
  • Price: £25 an hour

Pros and Cons


  • There are demo accounts available before you use your real money.
  • All traders from all levels can benefit from using this software.
  • The way of trading, strategies, features, and settings can be fully customizable from the brokerage itself.
  • The Binary Destroyer is a fully regulated company by government entities.

Conclusions The Binary Destroyer Review

After disclosing all the different details about FX Learning, this Binary Destroyer review to its end! You already know how we feel about this software, everything about it it´s so transparent and spots on! So, hands down we recommend this indicator for all the traders out there. And it doesn’t matter your experience level, as you have seen already, you can learn and make money at the same time!

Also, as a fully regulated indicator, you know your money will be safe at all times with this company despite the situation. How incredible is that!?

Don´t forget to let us know what are your thoughts about this Binary Destroyer review as well!

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