Bounce Trader Review

Today on our best ea forex website we are doing a full Bounce Trader EA review! And as we always do on this blog, we are giving you information about all of the most important features, settings, and details about this robot. So, you can expect to find information about the performance, packages available, prices, advantages and more! And also don´t forget to check our other reviews as well! Because you never know if you might find the right robot for you.
So let´s get started with this Bounce Trader EA review already!

What´s Bounce Trader EA?

The Bounce Trader EA is a fully automated Forex trading system that has been around for some time now. And since then, many people, blogs, and even professional traders consider it a TOP expert advisor. But why exactly makes it stand out from the rest of the other EA´s? There are other premium forex robots also as you can read in our latest Forex Diamond EA review. So, this robot comes with a hard drawdown control feature that ensures you get all the big trades but with the lowest drawdown possible. And your profits are fully secured with the stop-loss and take-profit features integrated.

These settings and features combined are what allow this robot to get over 100% profit in just a matter of weeks. But, of course, that depends on you and the strategy you are implementing the whole time. Don´t believe us? Check out Myfxbook, in there you will find all the verified results of the Bounce Trader EA!
Let´s keep disclosing and unfolding all the secrets and features of this robot in the Bounce Trader EA review!

Bounce Trader EA Features

  • It doesn´t use grid, martingale, or hedging strategies while trading.
  • This robot works with almost any type of leverage.
  • The Bounce Trader EA supports all size accounts. So it can trade with as little as USD 100.
  • FIFO features to exit and entry the best trends on the market.
    Fully automated Forex trading system.
  • Stop-loss and take-profit features integrated.
  • There is a hard drawdown control to secure your profits.
  • The TOP 3 components used by this EA are momentum, price action, and key levels.
  • You can choose the risk level while trading.

Who is behind Bounce Trader EA?

In this section of the Bounce Trader EA review, we are going to give you an insight into the people that work behind this robot. Because as traders we know that this can be one of the key points when deciding on purchasing an EA or not. So thankfully this time we can say there is information about the creator and developer of this robot! And you can even find it on the front page of the website.

The person behind the Bounce Trader EA is a man called Charlie Hudson. And he says he is no one special, he just likes to trade with Forex and has made a lot of money from doing it. So, he says that after many years of trial and error, he finally got the right system, features, and settings to make money. And since then, this method has been his solution to help his family and become financially free. So if you would like to see how well his method is, remember that you can check its live and verified results from Myfxbook.

bounce trader review

Bounce Trader EA Trading Strategy

We got to the part of this Bouncer Trader EA review when we disclose every single detail about the trading strategy implemented for this robot. And also we analyze the overall performance of this EA while on the market. So you know what to expect when this robot is operating on its own.

One of the first things to mention is that the Bounce Trader EA is a highly profitable software because it uses FIFO technology. But what does this mean exactly? This feature allows this robot to only enter and exit trades when the trend is at the most profitable point. And also you are protected from big drawdowns because it uses stop-loss and take-profit settings to secure your account and profits. Another great thing is that it comes with many risk levels that you can choose from depending on the profits you expect. So this robot is super customizable to meets all types of standards. The bounce trader robot EA is using a similar trading strategy like we saw in our econ power trader review.

The only downside we can find about this robot is that it only does a trade at the time, so it doesn´t support multicurrency. And this can be a huge downside because it means fewer trades per day.

Bounce Trader EA Packages / Prices

For this section of the Bounce Trader EA review, we are disclosing everything about all of the packages available on the official website. So, we are going to dive into the features, prices, bonuses, and advantages. So far, there are two different packages available to get this robot, these are:

One Year Membership

  • One time payment for 1-year access.
  • Full Bouncer Trader EA software.
  • 24/7 customer support available.
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee.
  • Price: USD 347

Lifetime membership

  • One time payment for a lifetime.
  • Full Bouncer Trader EA software.
  • 24/7 customer support available.
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee.
  • Price: USD 597

And for all the purchasing methods available, we have the usual ones. So you can easily pay using an international credit card like Visa, Marter Card, American Xpress, or even Discover. But if you don´t feel comfortable sharing all of your personal banking information, then you can use PayPal. So there are countless ways to get this robot! Don´t make any excuses.

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Bounce Trader EA Pros & Cons


  • You can find many live verified results on Myfxbook and some other third party websites.
  • Most customers are satisfied with the performance of the Bounce Trader EA while trading.
  • They offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee.


  • This robot only trades one trend at a time.

Conclusions Bounce Trader EA Review 2021

So we got to the end of the Bounce Trader EA review! At the moment we have nothing bad to say about this robot, everything seems to be clear and perfect. But we don´t get information about the currency pairs supported. So we might just assume it supports most of the major ones. Besides, this robot is a great opportunity to invest your money. You can see how well its statistics are on Myfxbook.
So, if you can afford it, you should purchase it! And don´t forget to let us know your opinion on this Bounce Trader EA review.

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.