Forex Combo System Review

For today´s post on our best ea forex website, we are doing an intense Forex Combo System review. And this one caught our eye a while ago because it has become one of the most famous robots sold by the FX Automater company. So, today we are letting you know all of the secrets, performance, strategies, and packages available to get this robot. And we are going to find out if this robot is worth the hype or not after this Forex Combo System review is done. So, let´s get into this review already and see if the forex combo system will be added to our Best Forex Robots page.

What´s the Forex Combo System?

The Forex Combo System robot is another incredible fully automated Forex trading system developed by the company FX Automater. And this time they managed to create a Forex software that works with up to 4 different strategies together. It comes with features and settings to protect your profits and your account from losses while the market has uncertain conditions. And the developers guarantee these strategies work because they have fully verified results from Myfxbook. So you can get the same results as they show if you are trading with this robot.

The Forex Combo System supports four major currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURAUD, and EURCAD. And this robot has innovative and advanced settings that guarantee you it will make high profits in any market. But how? It´s algorithms analyze the whole trend of the market to find the best opportunities to enter the most profitable trends.

Forex Combo System Features

  • The Forex Combo System works with 4 different highly effective and profitable strategies while performing.
  • It supports four different major currencies while trading: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURAUD, and EURCAD.
  • This robot has a setting called “Monday-Friday rules” that avoids losses on morning gaps while trading.
  • All of the strategies and features that come with this robot enhance the whole performance of this EA.
  • The main 4 strategies that this robot operates with are scalping, trend-detection, market corrections, and range detection.
  • The advanced algorithm of the Forex Combo System allows it to find highly profitable hidden trends in the Forex market.
  • Low risk while trading.
  • You can choose the risk while trading. Remember that the higher the risk the higher the profit.

forex combo system

Who are the people behind the Forex Combo System?

In this part of the Forex Combo System review, we are providing you with all the information we have about the company behind this robot. So, the official seller of this robot is the company FX Automater. They are a well-known company in this industry with over 15 years in the Forex business so far. And they are the creators of many of the most successful and profitable expert advisors in the market. So, they are a very reliable and trustworthy company, they always provide full transparency with their products and they have incredible results.

Forex Combo System Trading Strategy

While getting into the most important section of this Forex Combo System review, we are disclosing every single detail we can find about this robot´s strategy. And also, we are analyzing the whole performance in the market with the settings and features that it comes with. So, let´s mention already that all your trades, account, and profit are fully protected with an advanced money-management feature. And this robot has a very low drawdown while trading as well as low risk. But, you can customize the risk level per trade to your liking. You will see that they are using a similar trading strategy like what we saw in our fxcharger ea review.

The Forex Combo System uses a combination of 4 different strategies to trade efficiently on the market: scalping, trend detection, counter-trend, and market scan. And it also has a main strategy called scalping, which allows this robot to exit all the trades with the highest profits while trading. A stop-loss feature is part of these strategies to protect all your profits just in case a trade goes in the opposite direction. And the currency pairs supported while trading are EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURAUD, and EURCAD. So, as you can see, you can trade using all of the major currency pairs that get the highest earnings in the Forex market.

Prices & Packages available

This Forex Combo System review wouldn’t be fully completed if we are not giving you information about the prices, packages, offers, and bonuses available on the official site. And so far, there is only one offer to get this EA at the moment, and there are no bonuses available right now. But, there is a 20% discount running at the moment.
When purchasing this robot you get:

  • The full software of the Forex Combo System.
  • Access to the private member´s area.
  • Lifetime membership.
  • 1 live account and unlimited demo accounts.
  • A fully detailed user guide.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Customer support available.
  • Normal price: USD 147
  • Discount price: USD 117

And as always, we get all the most common payment methods available. So, you can pay using any international credit card like Visa, Master Card, Discover, or even American Xpress. But, if you don´t like sharing your banking information, or you are unable to pay with your bank, you can use PayPal too. In our forex diamond ea review article you will see that the prices can be way higher also. So, as you can see, the payment is not a problem this time, you got multiple choices and you must stick to the one that fits you best.

Pros & Cons


  • The Forex Combo System has over 10 years of backtesting results before launching to the public.
  • It has verified results from Myfxbook with multiple accounts.
  • The vendor offers a 60-day money-back guarantee as well as a satisfaction guarantee.

Conclusions Forex Combo System Review 2021

After highlighting all of the features, settings, and performance of this robot, we got to the end of this Forex Combo System review. So far what are your thoughts about it? We think this EA is amazing! And you can see we couldn´t get any disadvantages after doing a lot of research. There are many backtests and verified results from Myfxbook that show how amazing the performance of this robot is. So, this one is part of the best Forex robots we have reviewed on this blog. Don´t waste any more time and get this EA if you are looking for a new one!

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.