Forex Enigma Review 2021

In this Forex Enigma Review on our best ea forex website, we will discuss everything about Forex Enigma EA and the things you need to know before getting started on this platform. Last time we shared an interesting Falcor EA Review article. So let’s see if this week it will be the same(or not).

Forex Enigma EA is a new completely automated software robot created to operate on the MT4 trading platform, it also has a very unique scalping indicator designed specifically for W1 and M5 timeframes.

It generates very accurate buy and sells signals since it mixes 3 different trading strategies for much better accuracy: scalping, trend, and half grid.

As the developers of this incredible Forex robot said on the Enigma EA website, it works best on chart EUR/USD on the H1 timeframe, and it is profitable at every single kind of brokerage that offers Metatrader 4 accounts.

Some users that have used Forex Enigma EA before have said the main reason for its success is the use of a very complex combination of highly profitable trading systems and algorithms, using various strategies mixed to make sure all users get extremely accurate signals 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. If the Enigma forex robot can join our list off Best Forex Robots you can discover below.

Who is behind Enigma EA?

After taking a look at the Forex Enigma EA official website and checking all pages, we noticed it has absolutely none information about the developers, nor where are they from, or any type of background story in the trading market.

Even they didn´t explain anything about the robot the system uses.

This part is quite a bad start for this developers, since credibility pays a significant huge role, if not the most important one, when launching a new company. When you know absolutely nothing about the owner, even in this trading market niche knowing there are countless scammers out there, they must have put some kind of information out for the public.

Apart from all the information stated above in the Forex Enigma EA website, –or the lack of- these so called developers ensure anyone can make a steady income using this method, without any kind of actual effort, implying it uses very innovative market leader innovations that allow this to happen on its own.

But sadly there is no further information about it on their website, which is a shame since this can be super beneficial information for traders looking to buy the bot to improve their performance in profits.


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Trading Results Enigma EA

As stated on their official website, their forex robot guarantees “easy money without any effort” therefore this means it doesn´t matter whether you are an expert, a newbie or just simply don´t have the time yourself to sit in front of your laptop and analyze the market for hours and hours on end.

The Forex Enigma EA trading strategy is based on your preferences, you can either set the robot for a High-Risk Setting or a Low-Risk Setting. Keep in mind you can start trading with as much as $3000 account or as low as only $.30 on a cent account, that´s up to you.

The wrong side we have found about this method is the robot seems to utilize a very wild money management system, it increments the lot sizes to make up for losing some trades. This can be particularly risky if you are not paying attention letting it do everything by itself.

Although the robot does all the dirty work itself without needing the help of a human, it does require an actual person, in this case, the owner of the account, to set everything up with the transactions, parameters, and scales. But at the end of the day, you would only have to worry about this issue once while setting up your account, and this will ensure you won´t ever miss a high paying trade unless you turn it off.

forex enigma ea review

Enigma EA Packages/ Prices

In the official Forex Enigma A website, you can find the packages they offer and the prices, but since we want to make your life easier, we compiled all of them together with the prices and differences, keep reading to find out.

These offers come in 3 different options: basic, standard, and professional, and the price ranges from $149 to $249. Three offers come with a lifetime license, meaning you will only invest this money once.

Also, a really good advantage of having so many Forex Enigma EA packages with different options and prices to choose from, is you can decide which one is the most adequate to your work and your desires, meaning you are in full control of the whole situation.

Basic Package:

Price $149. Comes with 1 real account, 1 demo account, 100% automated trading, free upgradesand support, 30-day money-back guarantee. Lifetime license.

Standard Package:

Price: $199. Comes with 2 real accounts, 2 demo accounts, 100% automated trading, free upgrades and support, 30-day money-back guarantee. Lifetime license.

Premium Package:

Price: $249. Comes with 3 real accounts, 3 demo accounts, 100% automated trading, free upgrades and support, 30-day money-back guarantee. Lifetime license.




Conclusion Forex Enigma Review 2021

We are ready with this Forex Enigma Review Article. After taking a deep look and studying about Enigma EA, we know this might not be the first choice of many because of all the risky and unclear trading and strategy performances apart from the money management system. But you should give it a try. There are many forex robots these days. We published also an interesting forex gump ea review.

Overall, buying and implementing Forex Enigma EA might seem like quite a risky situation because of the lack of resources, real reviews, and information, yet we do believe it is worth the try, although it may not be a good fit for many expert traders, it is a good idea for people who are just getting started in the trading market business.

This robot could help them get a steady income during the first few months of their journey, allowing them to see profits from the very beginning since it shows some promising results after all.

Just keep in mind it might not be the greatest choice to let the algorithm do everything on its own if you don´t want to lose money, make sure to check its performance from time to time.

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.