Forex inControl Reborn EA Review

Hello there, welcome on our best ea forex website! We recently published a brand new GPS Forex robot article. For today´s article, we will do a Forex inControl Reborn EA review. Here we will discuss, study, and analyze all of the most important features and benefits you will get while using this EA.

Also, you will get an insight into the packages and prices available listed on their official website, as well as the differences between each one. So, if you are interested you should read this article. And if you would like to know about our opinion on other EAs you should take a deeper look at our blog. Will this E.A. make our list off Best Forex Robots?

What is Forex inControl Reborn EA?

Forex inControl Reborn EA is the new innovated version of the old Forex inControl EA. So, this upgrade is more beneficial in many ways for its users, and it´s much more automated than before. It works on the Forex market with a smaller risk level. And it has 3 top features that make it stand out from the rest. These are the hard drawdown control feature, the customizable control risk settings, and also the fact that it trades only on 2 currencies.

But, for some more experienced traders having only 2 major currencies available might be a downside. For us, it means that the trading strategy is much more precise because the software won´t be doing so many trades on different currencies at once. So, our team believes this is a huge benefit for the customers. And you should try it out, even if you are just a beginner or a professional.

Another great thing to point out is there are many live verified trading results available on the official Forex inControl Reborn EA website. So far, most results shown are up on Myfxbook. And they show a good profit on both currencies. Also, this EA has been backtested for over 15 years while the developers were finding the way to make it as amazing as possible. You can see the performance of the bot ever since too!

Forex inControl Reborn EA Features

  • Hard control of drawdown.
  • Trading on two different pairs: AUSUSD and EURGBP.
  • Customizable risks.
  • Automated stop-loss technology.
  • High profits.
  • Compatible with MT4.
  • Fully automated.
  • Verified live trading results.
  • Three different trading modes.
  • Two packages are available.

Who is behind Forex inControl Reborn EA?

This whole Forex inControl Reborn Review wouldn´t be fully complete if we didn’t give you some information about the developers, creators, and the whole team behind this robot.

But, sadly, as has happened many times before, there is none information about the vendor. There is not even a public e-mail where you can contact them. So, if something goes wrong while purchasing you must fill a request located at the end of the website with your information explaining the situation. And they are supposed to contact you back because customer support is available 24/7.

incontrol reborn review

Forex inControl Reborn EA Trading Strategy

In this section, we will be doing a Forex inControl Reborn review in the trading strategy implemented for the performance of the bot.
So, as we just mentioned before, this forex robot has many innovative features that make it stand out from the rest. These are the stop-loss technology, the ultimate hard control drawdown that will protect your account and profits from investing more money than expected. So, you will not lose your earning just in case something unexpected happens.

And then, we have the two major currencies that the developers chose to trade with. But, while for some this might be a downside, we believe that is a major benefit. Because this shows the developers took a lot of time studying which ones were the most profitable with this strategy.

Also, just in case you aren´t fully convinced, this robot has been backtested for over 15 years. And you can even see its performance at that time. They also provide live verified results from Myfxbook that you can check whenever you want. So the trading strategy is not the same like we saw in the popular arbitron ea review article.

The only downside that we found in this section is that there is no information about the number of trades the bot makes monthly nor annually. And they don´t even mention the timeframe of the trading system. Hopefully, the vendor can update the website with more detailed information soon.

Forex inControl Reborn EA Packages/Prices

In this section of this Forex inControl Reborn EA review, we are going to discuss the pricing, all packages available, and the features integrated with each one of them. So far, there are only 2 different offers listed on the vendor´s official website. And each of them has a different plan with different settings. But they both trade with the same currencies.

Forex inControl Reborn EA- Offer 1

  • Without accelerator mode.
  • Lifetime license.
  • 1 account.
  • Detailed User Manual.
  • Free Updates.
  • Professional support 24/7
  • Optimized settings.
  • Trades with AUDUSD and EURGBP.
  • Price: USD 270

Forex inControl Reborn EA- Offer 2

  • With accelerator mode.
  • Lifetime license.
  • 1 account.
  • Detailed User Manual.
  • Free Updates.
  • Professional support 24/7
  • Optimized settings.
  • Trades with AUDUSD and EURGBP.
  • Price: USD 310

Some good news is you can make the payment with many resources. So, you can pay with a Credit Card, Paypal, Discover, WebMoney, Skrill Wallet, and even Neteller. A good variation for international users or people who are not comfortable with sharing their banking information online.

Forex inControl Reborn EA Pros & Cons


  • Over 14 years of backtesting.
  • The AUDUSD currency has only a 28% drawdown.
  • Accelerator mode integrated.
  • The EURGBP currency has only a 26% drawdown.
  • Allows trading with several EAs in the same account.
  • Many options and methods are available for the payment.
  • It comes with a detailed user manual.


  • The vendor does not offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The timeframe per trade is unknown.
  • No information about the number of trades monthly.
  • There is no official information about the vendor.

Conclusions Forex inControl Reborn EA Review 2021

We have come to the end of this Forex inControl Reborn EA review! We want to mention that we are greatly impressed with the results shown on the performance of this bot while trading. So, although there are a few obvious downsides, we believe it is definitely worth the try.

And if you purchase it, let us know your overall opinion on the bot!

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.