Forex Ninja Review

Today on our best ea forex website we are getting into the trend and we are doing a Forex Ninja review. Few days ago we shared the Odin Forex Ea Review. But, have you heard of this software already? This bot launched earlier this year on the Forex market, and since then, it has become incredibly famous. So almost all traders are looking for reviews about it and such. And that´s why we are analyzing this robot ourselves today, so we can give you our personal opinions.
So, if you are interested in learning about this robot and what it has to offer, then check out this Forex Ninja review! And also, let´s see if this EA can make it to our Best Forex Robots page.

What´s the Forex Ninja?

The Forex Ninja is a fully automated Forex trading system that invites all traders to learn and discover the endless possibilities you can have while using an EA. And we have to say it looks amazing! The website has an incredible design, it comes with an affiliates area, you can log-in for the members-only group, and more! So don´t let the fact that it´s new fool you from thinking that it´s not effective.

Forex Ninja Features

  • This robot has a server on discord where all members can interact with each other, get secrets, and special guides.
  • It has a small drawdown while trading.
  • There is an official profit calculator on the sales page of this robot where you can check out how much money you can make it with it.
  • You can check the estimate of profits you can get during a certain amount of time with the calculator feature.
  • It is a fully automated Forex trading system that operates on the Mt4 platform and supports all different brokers available.
  • You can customize most features and settings available, as well as the risk while trading.

forex ninja

People that work behind the Forex Ninja

For this section of the Forex Ninja review, we are highlighting as much information as we can about the people that operate behind this robot. But, keep in mind that this one is still a new product, so it is normal that there is not a lot of details provided right away. Although, this time we information about the main creator and developer behind the Forex Ninja. His name is Eryk Skorzynski and he has been working on the Forex market as a developer for over a decade. And despite being young, he did 10 years of backtesting on this robot before he launched it online. He lives in Poland and we can see the ID of his website is located in that country.

So far, we are glad the vendor provides enough information and official names on the sales page. But hopefully, we can get into more detail into this topic soon. Because we all know already how important it is to be fully transparent in this business to succeed in the long term.

Forex Ninja Trading Strategy

For the trading strategy of the Forex Ninja review, we went ahead and did a lot of research and analysis on this topic. But there is not much information on the official website about this topic. So we went ahead and did an exhaustive study reading all the reviews, opinions, and feedback we found on many forums online and blogs from professional Forex traders.

We found this robot is amazing for trading long-term because it gives you very high and stable profits each month. So it doesn´t matter if the market is having uncertain conditions, you will still make good profits. Also, don´t forget this robot supports over 12 different currency pairs while trading and the timeframe in between each trade depends fully on the pair you are working with. And you can also choose the risk level you want to trade with.

When you purchase this robot you also get access to the private member´s only area, and there is a discord server available where you will get all the guides and secrets to start making money right away. And remember to check out the verified results from the Myfxbook account provided, in there you will find over three years of trading history. So, when you purchase the Forex Ninja you already get all you need to succeed right away!

Prices & Packages Available

Here, we are going ahead to disclose all the packages and prices available to get this EA, that way we make sure this Forex Ninja review is fully complete. So, as the robot is still new in the market is being sold for a very low price, and it is affordable for almost everyone. And that way, you can try it out without any inconvenience. But, despite the affordable price, this robot doesn´t come with a money-back guarantee just yet. Maybe in the future when it is more famous it will increase its price, but for now, we get a satisfaction guarantee.
The only package available to get the Forex Ninja comes with:

  • 1-month license: USD 39
  • 3-months license: USD 113
  • 6-months license: USD 211
  • 1 real account for all the licenses.

And when it comes to the payment methods, they are only working with International Credit Cards at the moment. So you can pay using Visa, Discover, Master Card, or American Xpress. But, sadly PayPal is not available at this moment. Hopefully, they can implement it as a payment method soon since there are a lot of traders who don´t like sharing their personal information online.

Pros & Cons


  • Satisfaction and quality guarantee.
  • This robot has one account with live verified results from Myfxbook. So if you want to, you check it out.
  • The Forex Ninja had a strict backtest of over 10 years before launching to operate on the Forex market.


  • There´s not much strategy insight available.
  • The vendor doesn´t accept PayPal as a payment method at this moment.

Conclusions Forex Ninja Review 2021

So finally we got to the end of this Forex Ninja review! And we have to say that this robot has still a few things to clarify at the moment. We would love to see more information provided about the trading strategy and the team behind it. So it can come across as a very transparent robot for all traders. But, we must admit it looks like it has a very promising and successful future from what we can see on their results from Myfxbook. So, make sure to grab this robot before the prices go higher! We also advice you to check out our Forex Diamond EA Review.
Let us know what do you think about this Forex Ninja review!

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.