Forex Pro Island Review

This one is a brand new Forex Pro Island review on best ea forex. A new automated robot that came out a while ago and has been quite controversial. So, for this blog post this time we are going to clarify whether or not this EA is a good choice of investment to make. And to do so, we are going to get through all the most important topics, sections, and such. So make sure you pay close attention to this Forex Pro Island review if you are interested in purchasing it in the future. And also, let´s see if this robot can make it to our official page of Best Forex Robots!
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What´s the Forex Pro Island?

The Forex Pro Island is a fully automated Forex trading system for the MT4 platform. It came out a while ago and since then it has been quite controversial because many people have missed reviews when it comes to its performance. But no worries, today we will find out whether or not it is a good EA because we are disclosing all the little details about it. Also, there are far too many good things to say about this robot, like you can get big profits while operating with this robot alone. And the features and settings it comes with are the main reason why it is capable to achieve such high success when trading.

Another great thing to mention is you can find a lot of the verified and live results provided by the vendor on the official sales page. And you can check them out if you want to be sure about its strategy and performance, which seems incredible to say the least. But, we will get into deeper detail about these topics throughout this Forex Pro Island review. So let´s keep going ahead with the details!

Forex Pro Island Features

  • This system doesn´t repaint while operating.
  • You can customize some of the most important things about the performance.
  • The timeframe of the Forex Pro Island is 1-hour in between trades.
  • This system supports all major currency pairs. But the most profitable one is the EURUSD pair only.
  • It´s a fully automated Forex trading system.
  • This robot comes with a fully adaptative algorithm to all market conditions.
  • There are multiple trading styles, so you can choose the one that goes best with your plan.
  • It uses take-profit detection and stop-loss to close all trades in full profit.

People who work behind the Forex Pro Island

Knowing who are the people working behind a robot is crucial for most traders. So that´s why decided to talk about the creators in this Forex Pro island review. And on the official website, we could find a few things about them already. They say the company that sells this robot is full of professional coders and developers as well as traders. And they spent years creating this software to ensure its algorithms were performing the best way possible.

And the main creator of this robot is a guy called Andrew, from the popular YouTube videos Andrew´s Trading Channel. He´s also the owner of the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, which is believed to be one of the best online academies to truly learn about Forex. So, as you can see, this man doesn´t play and he did amazing work with the Forex Pro Island as he has done in the past.

Forex Pro Island Trading Strategy

We analyzed and studied the whole strategy of this EA for this section of the Forex Pro Island review. And we found a lot of many things that make this robot stand out easily from the rest. So, first of all, this robot supports all the major currency pairs available on the MT4. But, the developers suggest working with the EURUSD pair mainly because it´s the most profitable with this system. It has multiple trading styles and risks that you can choose from depending on what you want to achieve with it. And also it uses some features like stop-loss, a fully adaptative algorithm to all market conditions. Also, take-profit and money-management are some of the features it uses to secure your money and your account while trading. We saw they are using several indicators such as the Wave Trend Oscillator.

When it comes to details like the timeframe in between trades it´s 1-hour mostly, this way the risk while trading is smaller. And it supports multicurrency. Also, this robot doesn´t repaint while trading.

Prices & Packages Available

As this Forex Pro Island review is coming to an end, we must now provide you all the information related to the offers online and packages available. So, right now the official sales page has only one offer with a one-time payment, which is amazing. When there´s only one offer for an EA we already know that there are no extra fees to pay to get the full features and performance. So, this package comes with:

  • Full settings, trading modes, features, and customization.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Customer support available 24/7.
  • Price: USD 299

And the payment methods available this time are the common ones. So you can pay using any international credit card of your choice or PayPal.

Pros & Cons


  • This robot comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee after your payment.
  • There are verified results from Myfxbook on the official sales page of this EA.


  • High prices.

Summary Forex Pro Island Review 2021

For the end of this Forex Pro Island review, we can say that all the information compiled shows how amazing this robot is. But this one is not one off the best expert advisors. So, despite some people having mixed views about it, you must experience it yourself to see how it performs using your plan. And remember that you can always check out the live and verified results from Myfxbook!
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  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.