Forex Trend Detector Review 2021

For today´s article on best ea forex, we have decided to do a Forex Trend Detector review. Here we will disclose all details and strategies implemented by this robot. So we will go through the features, pricing, advantages, and disadvantages. And also the trading strategy and performance while trading. So, if you are looking for a new robot to trade with, read this Forex Trend Detector EA review. And don´t forget to check out our whole blog, we are always uploading new reviews!

What is Forex Trend Detector EA?

The Forex Trend Detector EA is a very innovative and profitable robot. And it is a fully automated Forex trading software for the market. It is not so new but has many new updates that make it stand out from the rest. But you may ask why?. Well, this robot follows the smart money like no other robot on the market. And it has money-management features and many other settings that allow it to trade with almost only profits. And also the drawdown is very small compared to the high profits you can get. They are using a premium MT4 Trend indicator.

In terms of the strategy, it depends on your choice. Because you can choose from three different trading modes that have many risk levels. And lastly, it trades with two major currency pairs. These are EURUSD and GBPUSD. Keep reading this Forex Trend Detector review to find out much more about it!

Forex Trend Detector EA Features

  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It has three different trading modes. Depending on the risk level.
  • It has high-spread and high-protection slippage.
  • Minimal drawdown.
  • Take-profit features.
  • Efficient money-management settings.
  • It adapts itself to all market conditions.
  • 100% fully automated system.
  • Consistent profits while trading.
  • It has an intuitive high-frequency feature to get more trades.
  • Precise accuracy.
  • Volatility breakout.
  • Fast software.

forex trend detector

Who is behind Forex Trend Detector EA?

For this section of the Forex Trend Detector review, we are giving you an insight into the developers of the EA. So as far as we can see from the official website, these creators are part of the FX Automater Team. And if you have been in this business for long enough, then you must know they create incredible robots. But, there is no further information about them, sadly. Although, there is nothing to worry about since they are some of the TOP sellers of EAs online. So you can invest your money with them anytime, they offer many guarantees and have incredible customer reviews.

But, of course, we hope that in the future these developers, team, and creators decide to show their faces and share their names. Because we know that being transparent is everything in this business. So, we are sure they would get many more customers if they decide to step forward and share their journey.

Forex Trend Detector EA Trading Strategy

In this section of the Forex Trend Detector EA review, we will go in-depth with the trading strategy implemented. And into the performance while trading as well. So, overall there are a lot of customizable features and settings along with this EA. And you get three different trading modes as well. These are low, medium, and high risk, each of them has different profit margins too. But, there is nothing to worry about the drawdowns. Because this robot has one of the smallest percentages of drawdown. Compared to the profits you get while trading, it is nothing.

Also, is has countless of features like money-management, to secure your profits from your account. And stop-loss as well to make sure you won´t lose more money than specified. Even take-profit is available, so all your trades result in pure profits. Do you see it? This robot has everything you need to succeed in this highly competitive business.

So, as you can tell, everything about this EA seems to be amazing. And the best part is the market adaptability and the way it follows the trend. But, the only downside we see it´s that it only trades with two major currency pairs. These are EURUSD and GBPUSD. So as we know, more experienced traders tend to choose the best forex robots that support many currencies. But, for us, this only shows that the strategy is perfected for these two pairs. So you can make a lot of profits from just three pairs. If you think about it, it´s much better to purchase a robot that trades incredibly for only two pairs. Instead of choosing one that trades with over twenty pairs badly.

EA Packages/Prices

For this part of the Forex Trend Detector EA review, we are disclosing all of the pricing and packages available. And at the moment there is only one offer for this robot. And there is even a good discount! So make sure to hurry up before the sale goes down.

  • 1 real account.
  • 2 demo accounts.
  • Trades on EURUSD and GBPUSD.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free lifetime updates.
  • Detailed user guide.
  • Private members area access.
  • Rapid customer support.
  • Normal price: USD 297
  • Discount price: USD 167

And for the payment options available, you can pay with any international Credit Card. Such as Master Card or Visa. And PayPal is available too for those customers who don´t like sharing banking information. So like we saw in the Forex Trendy review prices for these trend ea’s are mostly similar.

EA Pros & Cons


  • It has minimal drawdown to ensure all trades result in profit.
    All the chart results are verified by Myfxbook.
  • Guaranteed long-term profits.
  • It has a dynamic trading logic.


  • It trades only on two major currency pairs. These are EURUSD and GBPUSD.

Conclusions Forex Trend Detector Review 2021

We got to the end of this Forex Trend Detector review! If you are following our website you saw that we also did a Forex Flex EA Review. So far, our team is more than pleased with all we found. This robot is an amazing investment choice to make, no matter the time. And as you can see, it has far too many features and settings for the small price! These developers offer so much quality content with this robot, it is insane. So, don´t forget to verify it yourself on Myfxbook. And let us know your opinions about this Forex Trend Detector EA review!

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.