FX Master Bot Review 2021

Hello again at best ea forex! Last time we published the GPS forex robot review. For today´s article, we are doing an FX Master Bot review, and we are very intrigued to see what we find with this EA. So far, this robot has many mixed reviews because it works very differently from the rest of the common ones. And it has been really popular right now because some people have found it again during these difficult times.
So, that´s why today we decided to do this review to give you our opinion about this robot. And also we will see if it´s good enough to be in our official Best Forex Robot list in this blog!

What´s the FX Master Bot?

The FX Master Bot is a robot made by a new company that launched this software back in 2017. Since launch, this robot has got a lot of fame, reviews, and feedback because it stands out from the rest of the common EAs. But how is that even possible? You may ask. Well, this robot has the particularity of being fully customizable from start to finish. So there´s no problem if you want your robot to operate a certain way because you can easily achieve it.

Other cool things to mention are that you don´t have to purchase, download, or do anything that requires a lot of effort to trade with this robot. Just sign-in on the website and start using it online. And the only money you need to spend depends on how much you want to invest using it.
Everything sounds interesting, right? Let´s keep disclosing all you need to know about this FX Master Bot review!

FX Master Bot Features

  • This EA can operate both manually and automatically.
  • Fully customizable settings and features, as well as performance.
  • It supports all over 17 different trading currency pairs.
  • The different trade settings are highly advanced and allow you to take control of them.
  • This EA uses different algorithms that find the best trends and trades in the market.
  • You can use the type of broker of your choice with this robot. Even you can switch them if you need to.
  • This robot analyzes the market on its own to place trades. But, you can always adjust your trading conditions to your needs.
  • The FX Master Bot uses stop-loss, trailing-stop, and take-profit features.

fx master bot

People who work behind the FX Master Bot

To get a full FX Master Bot review we must provide you with information about the people who work behind this robot. So far, there are not a lot of things online about this company, and on the official website, they don´t say much about them. But, after doing an exhaustive search online we found that the team working behind this robot are professionals who have developed a lot of EAs during the last couple of years. And although there are no official names or locations, these people have managed to get many positive reviews on the FX Master Bot after it launched online. So even after the lack of information about this team, clients, and traders in general trust them because they provide incredible results and performance. If you are a manual forex trader you can search for the best forex signals on telegram.

FX Master Bot Trading Strategy

When it comes to the trading strategy and performance of this FX Master Bot review, there are far too many things to mention. So, this robot easily stands out from the rest because you can trade using it on manual or automatic. Another great feature is you can also get signals for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to trade with them. Also, this robot is fully customizable from start to finish, there are no limits when it comes to how you want it to operate.

Other nice things to mention are the features it uses while performing like stop-loss, trailing-stop, and take-profit to enter and close trades in full profit. So these protect your account and limit your investments too. And this EA trades using 17 different pairs, both major and minor ones, so you have many to choose from. The different advanced algorithms this EA uses allow it to find the best and most profitable trends in the market. So you won´t lose money trading with it. And it also has three different levels of trading where you can choose the risk and such. Lastly, after registering on the official site, you get a free demo account with USD 1,500 of virtual money to start using it right away.

Prices & Packages Available

If you are interested in getting this robot, for this part of the FX Master Bot review, we are going to disclose all the details you need. So, the first thing to mention is this robot doesn´t work like most of the robots online. If you are going to trade with this root you don´t need to download it or install it because it works online. And also you don´t have to pay a fee to use it, just deposit at least USD 250 to the broker that will be chosen for you, that´s all! So as you can see it´s very fast and easy.

You only have to register for free on the official website and provide your information, e-mail, and phone number. And the only thing left behind it´s to get started right away!
Also, remember that if you don´t like the broker chosen for you, you can easily change it and switch it as many times as you want. So you are free to operate your robot in the best way possible and fully customized by you.

Pros & Cons


  • The FX Master Bot allows you to trade both manually and automatically.
  • After signing in on the official website you get a free demo account with USD 1,500 of virtual money to practice using this robot.
  • All the different features, performance, settings, and trading modes are fully customizable.


  • This robot might not be the best choice if you are looking forward to operating with small trades.

Summary FX Master Bot Review 2021

After disclosing all the different important things about his robot, we made it to the end of this review. So far we got all the details we needed to trust this robot enough to recommend you. But of course, there are a few things that could be improved, like getting more information about the seller. Besides, the future of this robot keeps looking promising and we hope to hear more positive things about it.
Don´t forget to let us know your thoughts about this FX Master Bot review too!

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This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.