FxGoodWay EA Review

In today´s article on best ea forex we will be doing a FxGoodWay EA Review. We´ll be discussing the major specifications you need to know before purchasing, the best features, and the good and bad side.

So keep reading until the very end to find out more and see if we put this one in our list off Best Forex Robots.

What is FxGoodWay EA?

For this FxGoodWay EA review we found and compiled a lot of information from many sources to give you the most detailed review, as always. FxGoodWay is an EA trading robot that just like any other trades automatically on your trading account, opening and closing deals on its own after you have decided your desired strategy settings. The developers say the profits will be constant and very stable compared to other robot´s strategy.

For many people, this is a good EA to try for the many features and customizable settings it includes. So far it is a good choice for both newbies and experts working on the trading market.

FxGoodWay EA was designed to work with super high profits with the minimum risk, so you will have a steady profit every single week without protected drawdowns and unprofitable trading months.

This allows the robot to always open and close positions with full profit after it has analyzed the current market conditions to start trading as soon as possible.

Lastly, this EA has an incredible algorithm that allows you to trade simultaneously using many sessions, so you will have a very significant increase in your profits.

Who is behind FxGoodWay?

Sadly, in this FxGoodWay EA review we did not find reliable data. On the official website there is absolutely none information about the people behind this EA, nor where they are from or anything like that. When working with Forex EAs, we know credibility pays a huge roll to find more customers, so these developers are losing tons of clients for the lack of info about them.

This may be a bad sign to encounter at first since there is also no contact info or email address just in case something goes wrong. Although, after purchasing, this information might be available for customers. The only information displayed on the FxGoodWay EA site is the team behind the creation and development of the robot is very confident with the overall performance of the product. Mainly because of the 4 years of backtesting they did before launching it to the public.

Bur besides, nothing else was found. What do you think? Does it seem legit enough for you to purchase?

fxgoodway review

Trading Strategy

We investigated the strategies this robot uses for our FxGoodWay EA review. Keep reading to find out more information related to this subject. As said before, this EA features smooth profit, multi-session logic, and auto risk calculation. This so-called multi-session can be very beneficial for traders because it analyzes the market and finds the best moment to start.

Also with the current state of the market it decides if using other sessions at the same time can be beneficial or not. They are also using one off the best forex indicator out there.

Incredible right?

The FxGoodWay EA was made to work only on EURUSD currency based on a grid strategy. Like many others, you can choose the settings to your desired strategy according to what you wish to accomplish for both long-term and short-term with the bot. A downside we found is this EA only works with accounts that use M4, and also there is no specified timeframe on any of the features.

So far, with the results shown on the FxGoodWay EA review we can see the software trades around 40-50 times a month, and the winning ratio is about 70%. On the other hand, the developers of the FxGoodWay EA released a second updated version of the first robot called FxWoodWay X2 EA. This new robot has a very unique feature apart from having all settings and amazing strategies from the first one. You can also use Forex signals in Telegram. But, now 17 patterns come with 2 different sets to choose from. Now you are allowed to have one set on while the other is off, you can turn on one and turn off the other, or you can have both on to trade simultaneously.

Meaning there are in total 10 patters on set 1 and 7 patters on setting 2.

FxGoodWay EA Packages/Prices

During this FxGoodWay EA review, we found the official website currently has 1 offer for this product. It is the second updated robot called FxGoodWay X2 EA.

With the purchase of the bot you will also get the original FxGoodWay EA, so you can choose which one to work with. So just decide in between both sets to start trading right away!

FxGoodWay X2 EA includes

  • Original FxGoodWay.
  • 1 license for any M4 account.
  • No limitation on changing accounts.
  • Free updates.
  • Customer support.
  • Stable profit every week.
  • Price: USD 365.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied and the trading is unsuccessful.

In this review we found the biggest downside for traders using any version of FxGoodWay EA is the fact it needs USD 700 in your account to start working in the ever-changing market conditions.

And this is not possible for many people, especially beginners who don´t have a lot of money to invest from the start.

Pros and Cons


  • Choose if you want to trade with FxGoodWay or FxGoodWay X2.
  • Free updates and many features to choose from.
  • Multi-session logic.
  • You can try the free demo account.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Stable profits.
  • High winning rate.


  • It only works with M4 accounts.
  • The only currency available is EURUSD.
  • No information about the time-frame.
  • IT needs USD 700 to work.
  • Grid strategy

Conclusions FxGoodWay EA Review 2021

You must be eager to find what our FxGoodWay EA reviews and final thoughts are, right? Well, so far this robot seems to be quite trustworthy with the results the developers show on the official website. But, there is no information about the creators sadly. BTW there are off course alternatives like we mentioned in our Forex Megadroid review. And that´s a huge downside. Overall, the whole strategy behind the 17 features with 2 sessions you can alternate from is really good.

You can make the most of this robot for sure. Remember the winning rate is about 70%, so you can earn your investment in no time after purchase. Also we are already preparing a detailled falcor EA Review for next week.

We believe you should give a try! So, let us know what are your thoughts and experience using it so far.

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.