Ganon Forex Robot Review 2021

Hello! Welcome back to our best ea forex blog. Last time we published our Forex Trend Detector Review. Today we will be doing a Ganon Forex Robot review. As we always do, we will try our best to give you the most detailed and reliable information our team can find online about this EA so you don´t have to do it yourself. So, keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know before purchasing this Forex robot.

What is Ganon Forex Robot?

Ganon Forex EA is a Forex trading robot made by the company Forex Robot Trader that operates on the market 100% automatically. This software was made to work on autopilot without the need for human interaction. So it means anyone can make the most out of it, even if you know nothing about the Forex business and you are getting started. And, you can also start trading using the default settings it comes with if you want. But, you can always customize them to meet the trading strategy you want to implement on your account.

Apart from this, it comes with so many innovative features that will allow you to have a great experience using this bot. One of these features is the stop-loss technology that will save you money so you won´t spend more than you specified in the settings. And your money will be protected with a new money-management technique. So, just in case something happens while you are trading, you won´t lose all your profits.

Also, the Ganon Forex EA comes with 2 different trading modes that you can choose from, each of them have different risk levels that will you grow your account in no time with little to no effort.

And, the bot was made to operate with 20 different currencies available. This is incredibly good news for most traders because some bots only work with the most common and profitable ones.
What are your thoughts so far? We are greatly impressed at the moment.

Ganon Forex EA Features

  • Advances in trend detection.
  • 100% fully automated trading.
  • Stop-loss technology.
  • Money-management.
  • Take profits and trailing stops.
  • Works with any size account from micro, mini, and full-size lots.
  • Two modes to operate that you can choose from.
  • Customizable settings.

Who is behind Ganon Forex EA?

As we always do, for this Ganon Forex EA review we will investigate the developers, creators, and the whole team behind this company. Overall we could find that as many other EAs we have reviewed recently, this bot was made by Don Steinitz, owner of the Forex Robot Trader company that has been online for a few years already. But sadly, Mr. Steinitz died a while ago, but this information is not available on the website. And there is also absolutely none information about the new owners of the company.

Being completely honest we know that is a big downside when you are not super honest in this business. So, we don´t know what to think. Also, if you wish to contact customer support you must file a request directly on the website because they don´t provide their e-mail publicly.

ganon ea review

Ganon Forex EA Trading Strategy

Since we have now reached the Ganon Forex EA review strategy section, we must study and analyze the performance of this EA while operating on the Forex market.

So far, we found many new and innovative features like stop-loss technology, money-management features, and customizable settings. But, be aware the TimeFrame of the trades is not available on the site. So we have no idea how long it takes to open or close trades weekly.

Apart from the strategies mentioned above, this EA uses an advanced trend detection that allows it to find large trades. And the developers decided to call it Strand Strategy. And this strategy is not only used to trade, but it also secures your account from intentional price manipulations.

This robot has had a backtest of over 6 years, which you can find available on their site.

Like many other EAs sold by Forex Robot Trader, we couldn´t find much information about the trading strategy. And usually what they describe is quite vague. So, that´s a big downside for inexperienced traders that know nothing about Forex. Although it is stated that anyone can benefit from this EA. So their trading strategy is similar like the one we shared in our Forex Gump EA review.

Also, there are no third-party verified live results from this EA. And the only proof provided by the vendor is screenshots on the website, among which tons of positive reviews from customers.

Ganon Forex EA Packages/Prices

In this section about our Ganon Forex Robot review, we will be discussing the packages and prices offered for this robot on the official website. Overall, there are no packages with this software. So you only buy it on its own. But, you get a free robot with your purchase. Also, there is a 50% discount, so you can buy the bot at the lowest price it has ever been!

Normal price: USD 199. With discount: USD 99
Payment can be made through Credit Card or Paypal.
Free robot of your choice made by the vendor.
Full 24/7 customer support.
Demo account available to get the hang of the EA.

A big downside we found is the vendor is not offering a money-back guarantee at the moment. So if you experience a bad performance of the bot this may be a problem. Although, the reviews from clients provided on the sales page are all positive.

Ganon Forex EA Pros & Cons


  • 6 years of backtesting.
  • Works on the MT4 platform.
  • Demo account available.
  • A free robot with purchase included.
  • Operates with Strand Theory.
  • Optimized to operate on all currency pairs.


  • Lack of information about the strategy.
  • “About Us” section hasn´t been updated for a while.
  • Results provided aren´t verified by any third party websites.
  • No TimeFrame specified.
  • No money-back-guarantee available after purchase.

Conclusions Ganon Forex Robot Review 2021

We have now reached the end of this Ganon Forex Robot review. So far we could only find a few downsides on this EA. But definitely, the biggest one is the unverified results, which may lead many people to think this company is just a scam like many others. And also the fact they are not providing a money-back guarantee. Although, there are positive results on their sales page.

Overall this bot has some potential, but the lack of information provided can be considered a red flag for most people.

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.