Grid Master Pro Review 2021

This time on best ea forex we are doing a Grid Master Pro EA review on this blog! So, as always we are going to highlight all of the features, settings, performance, and details that you need to know before purchasing it. And don´t forget to check out our other reviews as well! Because you never know if you can find the perfect EA for you.
So, let´s get into this Grid Master Pro EA review already to see what it has offer and see if this one makes our Best Forex Robots page.

What´s the Grid Master Pro EA?

The Grid Master Pro EA is a new fully automated Forex trading robot made by the company FX Atuomater. And this one is just another of the many incredible EA´s they are selling on their website for years. But, this time they made a robot that focuses mainly on a grid strategy while trading. And as always they offer very detailed information about the product, they even talk about the possible risks that you face while using it. And they also offer fully live and verified results from Myfxbook using real money.

So far, this robot is the new and optimized version of the BF Grid Master EA, which is completely free. And in this new EA, we get over 100 different settings to make sure you get the best trading experience. Most of these settings and features are fully customizable too, depending on the results you expect to get. But, on the official sales page, the developers say that because this robot uses a grid strategy, you must be a trader to change the default settings. Mainly because when using this strategy the wrong way, your account may blow up.
So, let´s get all the details we need to succeed in this Grid Master Pro EA review!

Grid Master Pro EA Features

  • This robot comes with an improved and highly effective trading logic.
  • Email and push notification system available for signals.
  • Advanced time management system.
  • It comes with a Friday exit system.
  • Overbought-oversold trend filter to find the best trades.
  • It comes with a long-only and short only option while performing.
  • Add on reverse option if the trend changes direction mid trade.
  • A second line of recovery option if the broker crashes.
  • Advanced news filter integrated.

grid master pro review

Who is behind the Grid Master Pro EA?

For us, knowing who the sellers of the robots we purchase are very important, that´s why in this Grid Master Pro EA review we are going to give you an insight about them. So, overall when you get to the website you can see the official seller is the famous FX Automater company. And they are a very professional team of Forex traders and developers who have more than 15 years of experience.

They also have over 30 robots available on their website, both paid and free. And they always get really good reviews on third party websites for their EA´s performance and results on Myfxbook. But the only thing is that they don´t provide any names or locations of the company. Besides, you can find a lot of information about them online to check it yourself. But, no matter what, we recommend this company because they are trustworthy and always offer guarantees when you purchase any of their products.

Grid Master Pro EA Trading Strategy

In this section of the Grid Master Pro EA review, we are disclosing and analyzing the whole strategy implemented on this robot while trading. And we will also highlight the good side and bad side of it, as stated on the specifications of the EA on the official website. So, as we mentioned above on the features, the Grid Master Pro EA offers a full grid strategy while performing. And this might be amazing for some traders, but not so nice for others.

In terms of the strategy, this robot uses a full grid one. And the best part is that you can easily change it ad customize to your liking as you please. But, you must be an experienced trader, because if you put the wrong settings your account may blow up. And the developers make a huge emphasis on this since the default settings work perfectly and you don´t need to improve them to make more money.

To start trading, you need at least a deposit of USD 1,000 on your account. But the developers advise starting with around USD 3,000. And the timeframe between each trade is 15 minutes. This robot is made to work with the GBPUSD currency pair mostly. But you can change that if you want. And some of the features it comes with are an advanced news filter, reverse option for trades, and an improved time-management system too. The Grid Master PRO EA is using a totally different strategy then for example what we saw in our econ power trader review.

EA Prices & Packages

For this part of the Grid Master Pro EA review, let´s talk about all the packages, offers, discounts, and prices available to get this robot. So, thankfully this time there is a 20% discount on the website. But there´s only one offer to purchase this robot, so that´s the only option at the moment. But you get all the full features and settings that we mentioned above. So there is nothing to worry about!
When purchasing the Grid Master Pro EA you get:

  • 1 Real account.
  • 3 Demo accounts.
  • Full customer support available.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Price: USD 147
  • Discount Price: USD 117

And just like we always mention it, there are many ways available to purchase this robot online. So you can choose from using an international credit card like American Xpress, Visa, or even Master Card. But if you don´t like the idea of sharing your banking information online, then you can just stick to PayPal.

EA Pros & Cons


  • You get over 100 fully customizable features and settings to fit your trading strategy.
  • This robot offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and satisfaction guarantee.
  • This version of the Grid Master Pro EA is highly profitable and has many advanced features.


  • If you change the default settings without knowing how to operate them, your account may crash.
    This robot needs at least a deposit of USD 1,000 to start trading.

Conclusions Grid Master Pro EA Review 2021

We got to the end of this Grid Master Pro EA review already! So far we recommend this robot, the developers seem to be very transparent with the risks associated when using a grid strategy and such. But, we believe that only the most experienced traders will make the most out of it because they understand how the settings work.
Also, don´t forget to let us know your opinion on this Grid Master Pro EA review too!

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.