Happy Frequency EA Review

Welcome back to best ea forex! Today we start with the Happy Frequency EA Review. We will study and analyze the Forex software Happy Frequency, an automated trading system.

Happy Frequency is an Expert Advisor that combines the concepts of trend/grid/hedge/semi-martingale according to risk whether low/middle/high/combi different EA files.

The website says all types of strategy are protected with a news filter, yet it doesn´t say how nor explains anything about the overall whole strategy the robot operates on its own.

Happy Frequency is available to trade with the M5 timeframe. It must be running 24 hours daily for 5 days a week. The use of a VPS is suggested. This ea uses several Tested Metatrader Indicators.

The only things you need to get this robot operating and all set up are:

  • Windows 7,8,10.
  • Mac OS or Linux.
  • Metatrader 4 platform
  • An account type: Micro, Mini, Standard, or ECN.
  • Minimal deposit of USD 4000 or USD .40 in a micro cent account.

Also, some basic features the developers claim Happy Frequency EA has implemented are: easy to install, full support for ECN brokers, claims to be 100% automated, and auto-quotes detection for 4-5 digits.

As fas as you can see, it promises the same things as most Forex robots: quick and easy money without much effort, with a 100% automated system to work on its own so you don´t have to spend time and effort studying the market and trading yourself. You can read in this Happy Frequency EA Review if we put it in the Best Forex Robots page or not.

Let´s keep going, shall we?

happy frequency forex robot review

Who is behind Happy Frequency EA?

The first thing to notice is the developers or owners don´t have any kind of information about themselves on the website. Yet they claim to be part of the experts and professional ones on Forex trading.

Despite not being actual and real information about the development team on their official website, they have worked on many EAs before, with a total of 10 apart from the famous Happy Frequency.

These other EAs are Happy Breakout, Happy Gold, Happy Algoritmn PRO, Happy News, Happy Forex, Happy Market Hours, Happy MartiGrid, Happy Trend, Happy Way, Happy Fast Money, and lastly Happy INDIcators PRO.

All EAs mentioned above have many different features depending on the customers’ needs and strategies, also they all have very different prices.

Lastly, these unknown developers and creators have a blog listed on their website about some strategies, secrets, and tips traders must know to succeed in this business.

They even got an affiliates program to sell these products so both parties get paid.

Yet no actual information about them can be found anywhere online.



happy forex

Trading Results Happy Frequency

As stated by the developers, Happy Frequency EA software is labeled to work with USDCAD, EURUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURCHF, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, and USDJPY on the trading market.

To start trading with this robot you must deposit as much as USD 4000 or as little as USD .40. The amount of money you wish to invest is up to you as well as your work plan and the strategies you are using.

Happy Frequency only trades during certain hours of the day because its algorithm is made to study, analyze, and determinate the best trades with best price directions for the day or a couple of days ahead. It trades every day for 24 hours for 5 days.

Just like almost every single Forex trading robot, Happy Frequency is made to be operated by anyone. It doesn´t matter whether you are an expert or not, it will work for you just the same. But keep in mind someone with more experience will be able to implement much better strategies, making the most out of the bot.

One perk with using this EA is, as many others, it allows you to trade taking only calculated risks with a desirable and stale profit at the end of the month.

The whole trading strategy used in the market is protected by a News filter, but there is no other security information whatsoever. If you want to read other robot reviews you can take a look at our new forex gump ea review article.

Happy Frequency EA Packages/Prices

If you check Happy Frequency EA official website, you will see the number of packages and variation of prices they offer for their products.

Happy Frequency comes in two separated offers:

  • EAs Happy Forex Full Pack (10x EAs) for 299 EUR. Comes with 2 licenses
  • EAs Happy Forex Full Pack (10x EAs) for 499 EUR. It comes with 5 licenses.

Usually, they offer coupon discount codes before purchasing, so you can save some money if you want to buy it.

These both come with lifetime licenses, so you will only invest this money once.

The other 10 EAs that come in the offer with Happy Frequency are the ones listed above: Happy Breakout, Happy Gold, Happy Algoritmn PRO, Happy News, Happy Forex, Happy Market Hours, Happy MartiGrid, Happy Trend, Happy Way, Happy Fast Money, and lastly Happy INDIcators PRO. Also here the pricing is similar like what we saw in our Falcor EA Review article.

Conclusion Happy Frequency EA Review 2021

So we came to the end off this Happy Frequency EA Review. Overall, the whole performance of Happy Frequency EA is still quite unknown. We couldn´t find much information about the strategies it uses to operate in the trading market nor the developers. There are no actual comments and proof of real people stating they have had results using it.

Whether you would like to give it a try or not it´s completely up to you, that is the main reason we created this post.

You might have your own opinion, so remember to always act on your terms.

Remember they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if anything goes wrong you can just ask for your money back and not worry about it anymore.

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.