Happy MartiGrid EA Review 2021

Welcome back to our best ea forex blog! In this case, we will do a Happy MartiGrid EA review. Just as we always do, we will give you an insight into the most important topics everyone needs to know beforehand about an EA before purchasing it.

So, in this case, we will go through the most relevant features, the team that works behind it, packages available with the prices, the pros & cons, and the implemented strategy for the performance of the EA.

So, if you are planning in purchasing this EA soon, you must read this Happy MartiGrid EA review to the end!

What is Happy MartiGrid EA?

Happy MartiGrid EA is a fully automated Forex trading EA that works on the market. This time, this EA is part of the very well-known Forex robots called Happy EA. And, in this case, we will study and analyze this one to make a Happy MartiGrid EA review.

These Happy EA robots have been on the market for quite some time now, and all of them, if not all, are considered to be a TOP trading software. And there are way too many good reviews about them online. So there are hundreds of satisfied clients up to date.

As we can already see from the name of this robot, it operates with a martingale and grid strategy. And we all know some traders are not fans of these two because they can be quite risky. But, the developers behind this EA makes it clear that they use many other strategies combined. So this won´t be a problem to your account or anything like that.

Also, this EA trades with 6 different currency pairs. And all of them are major ones. These are AUDUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and NZDUSD.

And lastly, when it comes to the pricing of this EA we must say that it is very affordable because you get all the other 9 different Happy EAs completely free. So, investing in these 9 robots for the price of just one is a very smart investment. And we already know that all of them are TOP robots. So we are pretty sure you won´t be disappointed with your purchase.

Anyway, let´s dive deep into this Happy MartiGrid EA review!

Happy MartiGrid EA Features

  • It comes with new settings to protect your trades. Such as MaxProfitUSD, MaxLossUSD, MaxProfitPerc, MaxLossPerc, and ProfitOrdersBeforeNews.
  • It has a step and profits dynamic.
  • The EA supports ECN brokers.
  • It has auto-quotes detection for 4 or 5 digits.
  • Fully automated software.
  • Unlimited uses.
  • License for a lifetime.
  • 1-hour timeframe.

Who is behind Happy MartiGrid EA?

You know this Happy MartiGrid EA review from us wouldn´t be complete if we don´t give you an insight into the members behind this robot.

This time, we know the vendor has many other top forex robots available as we just mentioned. But, this time we don´t get any kind of information about who they are, where they are located or anything like that.
So, as we always mention, this can be a red flag for some traders in the industry who like transparency from the developers. But, thankfully all Happy EA robots have a good reputation, many backtest available and they provide live verified results from Myfxbook.

Hopefully, in the future, they can be as transparent with their identities as they are with their robots.


happy martigrid review

Happy MartiGrid EA Trading Strategy

Here we will give you a Happy MartiGrid EA review about the trading strategy So we will go in-depth about all of the most important features, settings, and many different strategies implemented with this software.

This robot trades with a mix of martingale and grid strategy while using a news filter for the trades. And, it has a feature that allows you to set the start and the ending of the trading hours. Also, one advantage you get while trading with this EA is that the vendor provides many updates frequently, which means they care about the quality of their products. So if you would like to confirm it, you can check the official website.

They also say they used over 90% of optimization of the MT4 platform to give their clients the best stability and highest profits.

In terms of the major currency supported, we have 6 of them. And these are AUDUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and NZDUSD. They all trade with a 1-hour timeframe.
And lastly, there are live verified results from Myfxbook that you can always check out. The trading strategies are similar like we showed in our Forex Flex EA review article.

Happy MartiGrid EA Prices/ Packages

For this section of our Happy MartiGrid EA review, we will disclose all information related to the packages available what you get with the purchase and the prices of each one.

So, in this case, there are two different offers that you can choose from on the sales page.

And, if you purchase any of the two different ones, you get a free bonus with all the other Happy Frequency EAs provided by the vendor.

Free bonus EAs

  • Happy Frequency EA.
  • Happy News EA.
  • Happy Gold MT4/MT5.
  • Happy Forex EA.
  • Happy MartiGrid EA.
  • Happy Way EA.
  • Happy Market Hours EA.
  • Happy Algorithm PRO.
  • Happy Fast Money EA.
  • Happy Trend EA.

Happy MartiGrid EA comes with

  • Complete user guide and detailed installation guide.
  • Unlimited demo accounts.
  • It comes with free upgrades and updates for a lifetime.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Package 1

  • All bonus Happy EAs software.
  • 2 licenses for any account.
  • Unlimited demo accounts.
  • Price: EUR 299

Package 2

  • All bonus Happy EAs software.
  • 5 licenses for any account.
  • Unlimited demo accounts.
  • Price: EUR 499

And the payment methods available for purchasing this EA are the common ones: international Credit Cards like Visa or Master Card, Paypal, or Discord.

Pros & Cons


  • It comes with a news filter strategy implemented.
  • Many backtests provided.
  • It is considered a TOP EA in the market.
  • Verified results by Myfxbook.
  • The vendor provides many updates frequently.


  • Martingale strategy.
  • There is no information available about the team behind it.

Conclusions Happy MartiGrid EA Review 2021

This is the end of our Happy MartiGrid EA review. We must say that, although this robot trades with a martingale and grid strategy, it shows incredible results everywhere. And even there are hundreds of real reviews from clients who are satisfied with the product.
So, if you are planning in purchasing any on the Happy EAs you must proceed already. Next week we are sharing a new Forex Enigma Review article on our website.

But what are your thoughts about it? And also, let us know your opinion about this Happy MartiGrid EA review!

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.