Hedge Forex EA Review

For today´s post on our best ea forex website, we will be doing a Hedge Forex EA review. Last week we did a Forex Trend Detector Review. In this article, our team will be reviewing all of the most important features we can find of this EA, as well as an in-depth analysis of the trading strategy implemented on the bot´s software. Also, we will study the pros and cons. So, that way you will know beforehand whether or not it is worth purchasing. So, if you are interested in investing your money with this bot, you should keep reading this post to the end.

What is Hedge Forex EA?

Hedge Forex EA is another fully automated trading robot for the Fx market. And it was made by the well-known vendor ForexRobotTrader. So, to explain what makes this bot different than the rest we must state it uses an innovative technology called “hedging”. And it is made to make more trades, but with less risk. So, you can easily make multiple trades with many of the supported currencies all at once.

Speaking of currencies, it operates with all of them. So, this is amazing news for the most experienced traders that are looking for EAs that work with all the major currencies. This way you can generate more profits in less time.

As always, you can customize the overall settings of the bot to your liking. So make sure they meet your trading plans expectations and the strategy you wish to implement on your investment account. If not, you can easily use the default settings of the bot. But, it may not perform the best that way. So keep that in mind before you set it up after downloading.

Hedge Forex EA Features

  • 100% fully automated trading system.
  • Operates with all currencies available.
  • Multiple TimeFrames.
  • Buys and sells without the need for human interaction.
  • More trades with less risk.
  • Demo account available.

Who is behind Hedge Forex EA?

For this Hedge Forex EA review, our team decided to investigate the vendor, developers, creators, and the whole team behind this bot. The vendor of this EA is Forex Robot Trader. So far, we are pleased to announce there is actual information about the creator in the “About Us” section of the website. The creator´s name was Don Steinitz, but sadly he passed away a couple of years ago. He was a professional Forex trader, and also a developer.

But, to this day is still unsure who are the new owners of the company, since this information is not available on the website. And there is not even a reference about his passing, we found that information online.

These little downsides are very critical because in this business transparency and credibility are everything. So hopefully they are not losing clients for this reason.

hedge forex robot review

Hedge Forex EA Trading Strategy

In this section of the Hedge Forex EA review, our team will analyze the whole trading strategy implemented for the overall performance of the EA. So, you only have to “load the robot on any number of currency pairs and walk away” because this robot will execute everything on its own without the need for human interaction.

Also, as we mentioned before, this EA works on many TiemFrames depending on the length of the trade. So it can be weekly or even monthly, depending on what it analyzes. This allows the bot to stop making one of the most common mistakes new traders make: buying high and selling low. So with these many TimeFrames available, it can go ahead to buy low and sell high.

Now, let´s move on and talk about the results provided by the vendor on the official sales page. So far there are many impressive results about the performance of the EA. The screenshots of the charts provided show really big numbers. But, as we have mentioned in previous reviews of many other robots sold by Forex Robot Trader, they don´t provide live and verified results from third party websites. So, these results shown are not trustworthy for many people in this business, since no one knows whether they are real or not.

And they even provide client´s feedback on the website, all of them are positive. But still, those are not the most reliable method to show proof about the performance of a robot. So hopefully they can show real results in the future, this way more people can start buying their products listed online.

Hedge Forex EA Packages/Prices

This Hedge Forex EA review would be incomplete if we didn´t provide all pricing and packages available to purchase this bot.
And, there is a huge discount at the moment. So, if you want to buy this EA you get 50% off your purchase, with a free robot of your choice provided by the vendor.

So, the only downside we could find related to this topic is the bot is only sold by itself. And it doesn’t have any other special offers available on the website. Hopefully, in the future, the vendor can add many more exciting things to it. So in general just like what we saw in our Forex Trendy review this ea has also normal pricing.

  • Normal price: USD 199.
  • Discount price: USD 99.
  • A free robot with purchase.
  • Payment can be done with both Credit Card or PayPal.
  • 1 license for an account.
  • 1 demo account.

Hedge Forex EA Pros & Cons


  • Available to trade on an unlimited number of currencies.
  • Fully automated.
  • Customizable settings.
  • Affordable price.
  • Trades on any size account.
  • Weekly TimeFrame.
  • Payment can be done with multiple choices.


  • It only works on the MT4 charting platform.
  • It doesn´t work with FIFO brokers.
  • Chart results provided are not verified by third-party websites.

Conclusions Hedge Forex EA Review 2021

We have now reached the end of our Hedge Forex EA review. Overall, we would like to see the verified results on the bot on websites like Myfxbook. So we can be 100% sure they are real. But for now, we can say it seems like a good robot to try if you feel like it matched with the strategy you want to implement in your account. And don´t forget you can use the demo account before working on the live one. Also next time we are doing a Forex Gold Investor Review!

Don´t forget to let us know your thoughts too!

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.