Hugo´s Way Review

Today we have Hugo´s Way review for our blog Best EA Forex! We decided to give you this article after seeing how much people have been very interested in this software. So, we know that you might have heard about it already since it´s been out in the market for some time. But, either way, in this review we are giving you information from our experience. So, we can guarantee you all this information will be valuable for all traders.

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Let´s start with this Hugo´s Way review as soon as we can!

What´s Hugo´s Way Software About?

Hugo´s Way is part of the large group of highly successful ECN brokers in the market. And it has been since early 2017 when it came out to the market. So far, it has had tons of different upgrades and updates to keep being one of the best. And many of the professional traders in the market recommend it because it has many features that make it stand out from the rest. Also, the best part of this software is everyone will get a personalized experience because you can achieve all you want.

This brokerage has tons of different assets and commodities to trade with. And many of these are considered to be premium or even exclusive. So, you get to use all the different and best assets in the market with a small price point. Also, keep in mind that, with having so many assets and liabilities available, you can expand your trading portfolio. So, you can easily choose the right assets for you, even if you are a very picky trader.

You can choose from a variety of different assets going from hot assets, stocks, cryptocurrencies, deluxe cryptocurrencies, and such. Also, you can trade commodities, indices, metals, oil, gas, Forex currencies, so many more things! So, just choose the right assets for you to get the results you are looking for!

Also, don´t worry about this software being quite “old” or something similar. With nearly 4 years in the market, this broker has been able to get some of the latest features to date. So, that´s how you know this software will still be trending even after some years. And the developers behind this company do an amazing job at getting the latest upgrades in the market as well.


Hugo’s Way Company Details Overview

As far as we are getting with this Hugo´s Way review, we are also going to talk about this company in general. So, the first thing to mention is, there is not an official name of the creator behind it. But, so far, we got the whole address of the main headquarters. They are based in Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. And they are open to clients and future traders who might want to talk to them in person. How cool is that?
Another great thing is, they are very transparent with their business and themselves as well. And these are a few of the reasons why so many traders choose them above other companies and businesses in the market.

If you need more reasons why this broker might be an incredible choice for you, you have to see their whole assets available. Hands down they are a great opportunity for everyone, even professionals. So make sure you don´t let this opportunity just slip by because you will regret it in the future.


Hugo´s Way Regulations and Laws

In this Hugo´s Way review we won´t miss the legal information needed towards this topic. So the first and most important thing to know is, this broker is not regulated just yet. But, the company has made a statement recently where they explain they are getting all the papers they need to be regulated. So, just in a few weeks or months to come, this software will be regulated by the government and federal entities as well. Just make sure to keep in touch with their software to know when it finally happens.

Besides not being regulated yet, you can find all the good and positive comments online from their clients. So, don´t let this keep you from trying out this broker! You never know how incredible a service can be until you finally try it yourself.

Also, as traders, we know that security is a huge deal, especially when it comes to Forex trading. So, we just want to clarify that even though this service is not regulated itself, you get security. But how can that be possible? You may ask. Well, all funds held by this company are kept in the bank. But, the funds from traders and this company are held apart. So, even if something happened, your funds won´t be lost in any way whatsoever.

Either way, remember that you can read the risk disclosure, user agreement, and security topics on the official website of this software. This way you can study the situation yourself! But remember, they will have a regulation very soon, so keep that in mind at all times.

Hugo´s Way review

Trading Platforms Supported

Along with this Hugo´s Way review, we have mentioned how innovative this software is because of all the constant upgrades it gets. So, in this part, we are talking about this subject in detail.
The first thing you need to know is this brokerage uses the MT4 platform as default. So, by now, you are most likely used to it, so it won´t be a problem for you. And, this is the same platform used for mobile apps, desktop versions, and online services. So you don´t need to learn how to operate a new interface.

Also, this is amazing because you already know all the different features and settings you can add to your broker. For example, you can partner it with an expert advisor of your choice or even a signals indicator if you wish. And those two things together will for sure improve and enhance your results much faster!

Hugo´s Way Assets & Markets Available

Above in this Hugo´s Way review, we have mentioned how amazing this software is for having many different choices for traders. So, right now is time to get into full detail about this topic. Right now, this brokerage has over 100 different types of assets that you can choose from. And these are divided into categories like cryptocurrency, stocks, hot assets, precious metals, and oil. Also, you can trade indices, gas, exclusive stocks, commodities, and all the Forex currencies available in the market. So as you can see, you have many things to try out until the find the ones that you see the best results with!

Also, you will be able to find some of the best assets hidden in categories. You can choose from health, education, technology, telecommunications, luxury, and even a few others! So, if you are interested in purchasing stocks like Google, Tesla, Facebook, and such, this company is the right place for you!

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

The deposit and withdrawal process with Hugo´s Way is very simple, there´s nothing complicated about it. The first thing you need to do is sign-in on the website to get your account, fill out all the information you are asked for, and done! Don´t forget to be honest with all your information and submit your real bank accounts to get your money. And don´t forget to verify your account too! That´s the only way you can properly use it.

After that, you have to deposit some money into your account to get started. Luckily for us, the minimum deposit is only USD 10. So this means that you don´t need to have tons of money to invest right away. Just make sure you start small and invest more and more up! Also, there´s no limit to how much money you can invest in this service, it all depends on your personal goals. Laslty, to deposit money into your account you just have to link it to a service like Payoneer, od Paypal. Also, you can use any international credit card of your choice, or Neteller. It just depends on what makes you feel the most confortable and safest!

And to withdraw your money it´s just as simple as with the deposit process. So, just get into your account and choose to withdraw your money. It will be transferred to the account you submited at first, so make sure to check out there. But, please keep in mind that it takes a while, so make sure you do this on working hours. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next day!

Hugo´s Way Mobile Apps

Above in this Hugo´s Way review, we mentioned the trading platforms supported at the moment and we mentioned the apps available. So, yes, there are trading apps from this company. They are available for both Android and Apple users. And you can operate them on your iPad, tablet, or even iPod as well. So there are no excuses to not keep in touch with your trading account at all times.

Also, these platforms are supported and operated by the MT4 platform as well. So you won´t have to learn how to use a new interface or anything like that. And from these apps, you can do all the same things as you would in the online or desktop version. But what do we mean? Well, you can add features, enter or exit trades, change the lot sizes, invest more money, or anything! Nothing is holding you back from fully personalizing your broker!

Hugo´s Way Accepted Countries

As this brokerage is available in over 100 countries, there are also a few ones where yo can´t use it. But remember that this situation will change very soon because the company is working towards being fully regulated.

Meanwhile, the countries where you can´t use this software at the moment are the United Kingdom, Cambodia, Iran, and Congo. Japan, Iraq, Cuba, Pakistan, the United States and Ghana too. Also Ethipia, Libanon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Korea, Malta, Kenya, Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Somalia are part of this long list. Lastly, Korea, the Bahamas, Syria, Botswana, Zimbawe, Panama, Yemen, Vietnam, Trinity and Tobago, and Tunusia aren´t supported either.

Customer Service Available

As we keep getting to the end of this Hugo´s Way review, we have to mention the customer support they offer. So far, this company has a great reputation with customer support and service in general. All clients online have mentioned their concerns, inquires and questions have been answered before. And to reach out to them you just have to send them an email or submit a request from the website. Either way, they will reach out to you as soon as possible! Just keep in mind they reply in working hours, so you must wait. And if somehow you want to talk to them somewhere else, they also display their social media by the end of the official website!

Benefits & Drawbacks


  • As soon as you sign in with this broker, you get multiple demo trading accounts to get started.
  • All traders from all levels can benefit from this software as you can customize it.
  • Hugo´s Way is the right company for you if you are looking forward to expanding your trading portfolio.


  • Hugo´s Way is not a regulated ECN broker just yet.
  • It only works with the MT4 platform at the moment.

Summary Hugo´s Way Review

We got to all the points covered in this Hugo´s Way review! So if you are trying to get started this article was the right path for you. But, you know we always like listening to your opinion as well. So, did you try this software already? Tell us about your experience!

For us, we have had a great time while using it as we get so many different choices and options for customization. And as you can see, there are barely any drawbacks with it! So, if you are looking for a great and affordable brokerage, this one is the right option for you!
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