Odin Forex robot Review 2021

Hello there! Welcome back to our best ea forex blog. For today´s post, we will be doing an Odin Forex robot review. And we will go deep into this bot as we always do. Because you know we like to give you quality content, we put together tons of information to discuss, study, and analyze the performance of this robot. And as always we will let you know whether we think it´s a good investment or not.

What is Odin Forex EA?

Odin Forex EA is an automated Forex trading robot made from intelligent developers and creators that allow it to operate on the market trading different types of currencies. These EAs are made to make the traders’ life easier because they don´t have the time to sit for over 8 hours daily and 5 days a week to study the market on their own. And it´s also no humanly possible yet. But, this is exactly where bots like these come in handy.

For this Odin Forex robot review, we did a lot of research to let you know the most important things. So far, we found it implements a grid trading strategy, that we know it´s not the best for bots because they can crash an account. Also, it uses a stop-loss technology to protect your profit in case something doesn´t go as planned, and it has a new feature called “broker shield” that protects all your information for any type of broker you might be using.

A few benefits you get right away while using this EA are it has a money management and profit control tool that will help you have everything organized on your account. And also you can keep track of the amount of money you are gaining and investing.

Odin Forex EA Features

  • Automated from start to finish.
  • Legendary grid trading strategy.
  • Real-time broker shield.
  • One of the most popular EAs of 2020.
  • Fully optimized settings.
  • Simple to set up and use for all skill levels.
  • Broker shield technology.
  • Money management.
  • Profit control.

Who is behind Odin Forex EA?

For our, Odin Forex robot review our team decided to go forward and we took our time to investigate the developer, creators, and the whole team behind this bot. So, the good news is you can find their information on the official website in the little “About Us” section. But, a little downside is they haven´t updated the website in quite some time. And there is none information about the rest of the team nor the location of the company.

How do we know this? Well, sadly the developer behind this project passed away quite some time ago. His name was Don Steinitz. And his information is still up on the page to this day. That´s a little bit of a disadvantage at some point.

Another thing we found is the proof provided y the company doesn´t have live and verified results from third-party websites like Myfxbook or FX blue.

But, besides what we just mentioned everything seems to be fine for now, at least.

odin ea review

EA Trading Strategy

In this section of our Odin Forex robot review, we are going to study and analyze the overall performance and profits of this bot. We must mention there is not much information provided by the vendor on the website. So we had to investigate a little more on our own.

So, as we mentioned before this EA has many innovative features that can be customized to your liking as well as the trading settings. The money management and stop-loss features make this bot a very secure option when you want to protect your money just in case something goes wrong out of the blue. Also, this is very important since this robot operated with a grid trading strategy, and we know this can be quite unfortunate because it can crash accounts as it opens many trades at once.

Another benefit is the bot trades with many currency pairs, 13 to be precise. These are USDSGD, EURCAD, NZDCHF, USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPCAD, EURAUD, EURNZD, USDCHF, AUDCHF. This one is a good feature for more experienced traders that work with many currency pairs.

And when it comes to the timeframe, trade size, and the number of trades per month it´s stated that it´s “average”. So the developers don´t make a big emphasis on this important information.

Odin Forex EA Packages/Prices

We have finally reached the pricing of this Odin Forex robot review. As always all information provided here is taken from the official website. But remember you can check it too whenever you want.

  • Price: USD 199. But they have an offer for a final price of only USD 129.
  • Payment can be made with a credit card and PayPal.
  • With your purchase, you get a free EA you can choose from the vendor.

Pros & Cons


  • No complex strategies to learn.
  • Trading never stops.
  • Diversify your Forex equity instantly.
  • Clean and informative visual interface.
  • Works with any account size.
  • A demo account is available.
  • Stop-loss technology implemented.
  • It has 13 currency pairs to operate with.
  • You get a free robot after purchase.


  • Grid trading strategy.
  • The strategy lacks in-depth information.
  • No updated information about the developers and team behind Odin Forex EA.
  • The proof provided about the performance of the bot is not live, nor verified from third party websites.
  • The timeframe is not specified.

Conclusions Odin Forex Robot Review 2021

Already this is the end of our Odin Forex robot review. So, you may be wondering what are our final thoughts about this bot. We believe it looks promising. But the lack of information about the software itself and the trading strategy is quite a downside, although the developers have good customers´ feedback on the sales page. Odin does not make our top list off Forex Robots.

Also, the screenshots about the performance of the EA and the profits are not verified by any type of third party website. So, for the demanding traders, this can be a big red flag.

But, what about you? Let us know what are your final thoughts about this Odin Forex robot review!

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.