OspreyFX Review 2021

Today, we are back in Best EA Forex and we got you an amazing OspreyFX review! So, today we are going to learn and disclose everything about this broker. And we are wondering already, have you heard about this software before? You probably have since it is very popular in the market at the moment. But if you haven´t heard from it, then this article will be highly beneficial for you. Because as traders we know that being able to have choices when trading is important. So you never know if this one might become your next amazing broker for trading or a great second choice. Either way, make sure to don´t miss out!

If you are a current reader of our blog, then you know the way we work and how we proceed with the reviews. But, if you are not, then you need to know we are a group of highly professional Forex traders. We aim to help you achieve financial freedom while providing you information about some of the best software in the industry. So, here you will find articles about the best expert advisors, indicators, and brokers. If there´s new software then we will test it and let you know our thoughts. So make sure to check out our Best Forex Robots to see if you can find something there!

Meanwhile, let´s get started with this OspreyFX review!

What is OspreyFX about?

OspreyFX is an ECN broker that allows you to trade Forex currencies, Crypto, and stocks. And you are capable to do all of this with just one software, without the need to purchase special extensions or anything like that. The first thing you need to know about this company is they offer many different services. So, this is the ideal software for all those traders who are looking to expand their trading portfolio. And for the ones who like trading many assets with their accounts. Keep in mind that, at the moment, this broker supports over 55 Forex currencies. Also, you can trade more than 30 different cryptocurrencies too. And, there are over 125 different assets to choose from like commodities, precious metals, stocks, oil, and more! So, as you can tell, this software can do it all!

Using this software has unlimited advantages to it and you are the only one in charge of your trading plan. So make sure you choose the right tools and assets to trade and you will succeed in no time. Also, this software trades in the MT4 platform, it has apps available, and a normal web version.
Make sure to stay here until the very end of this OspreyFX review to find out what else it has to offer!

Company Details Overview

OspreyFX came out to the market just a few years ago back in 2018. And we know that most traders feel insecure when the software is still quite new. But this software has amazing reviews online from professional traders and clients in general.
They are based in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, and they provide the exact location of their headquarters as well.

And, as this software is still very new to the market, the developers make a big emphasis mentioning they are always upgrading the software. So, this means that in a few months from now on, there will be many more assets, tools, featuresm}, and such. And, while the name of the creators, founders, and developers remain unknown, you can find many proven results online.


Regulations and Laws

As this OspreyFX review goes on, now we got to the section where we disclose the laws and security in general. At the moment, this company remains to be unregulated for any type of federal entity or non-government entity. So, if you ever have any trouble while working with them remember that your protection is quite limited. But, your account has many different security elements like two-factor authentication.

Either way, all the funds you own while working with this company are safe in an independent bank account. So, no matter what happens, you won’t lose your money in any way as the bank owns it. But, if you want to be super safe make sure to read in detail the whole section dedicated to this topic on the official website.

And we know that there are far too many people online who will tell you not to invest using an unregulated Forex broker. But, remember that you still get security and your account is safe at all times. So we believe it´s worth it in the long run after you realize the big number of advantages you get.

osprexyfx mt4

OspreyFX Trading Platforms Supported

Above on this OspreyFX review, we did mention that it works on the MT4 platform and it has mobile apps as well. So, this is great because we know that most traders are familiar with this platform instead. You can customize it to your needs and change the settings and tools to match what you want. Also, don´t forget this broker works as an ECN software and it connects to you using the said MT4 platform.

One of the best parts of using this platform is you can add and change the way you trade. For example, you can choose the timeframe in between trades, exit, or enter new ones. And you can change the lot sizes, pips, and leverage as you please. So, pretty much you can personalize your trading account as much as you need and want! But, if you are still new in this business and you don´t know much about this topic, use the default settings.

OspreyFX Assets and Markets Available

OspreyFX has a wide repertoire of assets and services supported that can be customized for all traders. Remember you get access to many exclusive stocks and cryptocurrencies that not everyone can use. And at the moment, all Forex currencies are available, even the special ones like gold, silver, and such. You can trade over 30 different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many exclusive others. And from the assets available, there are stocks, metals, commodities, oil, gas, health care, and education. Also technology, telecommunications, luxe, and many others! So don´t think twice about working with this broker because you might get the results you have been always looking for! And that´s why this software is ideal for traders of all levels who are looking to expand their portfolios.

ospreyfx deposit

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Let´s focus on the next part of this OspreyFX review, there are still many things to disclose! So, let´s talk about the whole process of funding your account and requesting your money. At the moment the deposit methods are very wide and can fit all traders´ needs. At the moment, you can use Bitcoin, many different credit cards, and you can use the platforms Vload, and Wire. So you just have to make sure you use the one that adapts best to your possibilities.
And the process to withdraw your funds you just have to request your money from your trading account. And then, it will be transferred to your account in the currency you want. At the moment, Bitcoin, USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and AUD are your choices.

And you can choose from 4 different account types. These are:

  • Standard Account: minimum USD 50 deposit.
  • Pro Account: minimum deposit of USD 500
  • VAR Account: minimum deposit of USD 250
  • Mini Account: minimum deposit of USD 25

And as soon as you sign-in on the website you get a free demo account to start trading as soon as you can.

Mobile Apps Available

In this Os´preyFX review, we have to talk about the apps available and the other services by this company. At the moment, there is an official app you can get from the App Store or the Google Store. So it doesn´t matter what kind of phone you have, you can still download it. And the good news is, the app also supports any iPad or Tablet from any company. So there are no excuses to not use this broker while on the go as you don´t have to be sitting all day with your laptop.

Another amazing thing about having these apps available is you can do all the same things as you would from the online version. So, you can exit trades, open new ones, change the leverage, withdraw your money, or deposit it. Also, you can customize it to your needs, you can use an expert advisor along with this broke. And traders can add features like scalping, risk-management, stop-loss, trailing-stop, and many more!

So, your performance with this broker is up to you. Everyone and anyone can achieve financial freedom if they put in the work.

OspreyFX Accepted Countries

As said before on this OspreyFX review, since this software is not regulated, there might be many countries not supported. But, this doesn’t mean it isn´t available in many parts of the world, it´s the opposite. Remember we did mention you can use this form over 100 countries on all continents.

But, the countries where it´s not available yet are the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Canada. Also, the Bahamas, Botswana, Cambodia, the Republic of Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Japan, and Lebanon are not supported yet. Libya, Malta, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic, Trinidad, and Tobago are part of this list. And lastly, Tunisia, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Although, remember that this doesn´t mean they won´t ever be supported. The team of developers at ospreyFX is always working hard to deliver the best service to all their clients around the world. So you never know, maybe your country will be part of the next batch of available ones! So make sure to keep up with their website to be the first one to know the good news!

And for the languages supported, they are the ones spoken in the rest of the available countries. This includes Spanish, English, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, French, and such!

OspreyFX Customer Service

For this part of the OspreyFX review, let´s talk in detail about the situation with their customer support. So, as you log in on the website, you will find that these people claim to have customer support available 24/7. And we tested it ourselves to make sure it worked the right way. There are a few ways to get in touch with this company. But not as many as we would like, either way, they are still highly effective. So far you can submit a ticket with your concerns, phone numbers, and they will reach out to you in under 24 hours. And you could also send them a message through any of their social media displayed by the end of the website.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • There are demo accounts available for all traders.
  • You can choose the currency in which you want to be paid after withdrawing your money.
  • OspreyFX is available in over 100 different countries.
  • Traders can choose from many different assets, currencies, metals, and commodities to trade with.



  • This software is not regulated by any entity.

Conclusions OspreyFX Review 2021

As you can easily see from this OspreyFX review, it is an amazing choice for all traders. As the market gets more and more popular, it´s good to know all the possibilities available for brokers. And for us, this software can be a really good choice for traders who are looking to expand their portfolios. Also, there are many ways you can customize this broker to your liking if you have a specific way to trade.

And, after we completed this whole article, and trying this broker for a while, we can recommend it to all of you. Despite this software being non-regulated, it´s worth trying it. So, don´t hesitate to get an account with OspreyFX. It is one of the most affordable choices for traders who are still new to this business. And if you do try it or have tried it before, please let us know your experience with it. Don´t forget to check out the rest of our blog and share this review with other fellow traders you know!

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