How To Use The Price Action Scalping EA 2021

One of the best trading strategies that help with consistent results for traders is to trade with price action. And that can be easier with the Price Action Scalping EA, as not a lot of time is required for it. While the Price Action strategy is helpful for traders to easily analyze the forex market without relying on some indicators. Instead of technical indicators, traders make use of support and resistance, candles, and other chart analysis to assist you in making up your mind when to enter or exit a trade position without losing money.

This strategy is very effective and easy to use, whether you have forex knowledge or not. There are no complicated rules, plus, you don’t get to follow market trends. However, due to lagging and the problem of signal delays, the price action trading strategy can be complicated. In this instance, using the Price Action Scalping robot can be profitable. More so, the EA is compatible with the MT4 trader and supports 7 currency pairs.

Today, we will discuss everything surrounding the use of the Price Action EA to trade the FX market. In fact, we will walk you through what this EA is, features of the Price Action EA, how to use it correctly, and much more.

So, sit back, relax, and learn!

What Is The Price Action Scalping system?

The Price Action Scalping EA is a decent expert advisor that forex traders can leverage to analyze the market without using with technical indicators. It is the combination of the Bollinger Bands and RSI indicators. If you are an experienced trader, the chances are that you already know these two indicators. These indicators are among the best custom indicators that guarantee a high return on investment. It is also important to mention that the choice off your forex broker in trading is important. You can have more info on the best forex broker review website.

The Price Action EA is compatible with the popular MT4 trading platform and supports most brokers on the internet. However, you would enjoy this tool with a broker with 1 and 5 minutes timeframes. With this EA, determining the market direction and when to enter or exit a trade position is a breeze. You only need to do is to install it correctly to avoid bugs.


These are some of the great features of the Price Action Scalping robot.

1. This EA is one of the few EAs that allow traders to fix lots by themselves. In fact, it also allows compound interest.

2. The Price Action EA uses pending orders even without waiting for the trader to effect a market order.

3. It doesn’t come with a grid or martingale.

4. It is equipped with a small stop loss for every new trade position that traders open.

5. It can combine with other technical indicators to improve traders’ chances of making profits.

6. This EA works with at least 7 currency pairs.

price action scalping robot

How To Use The Price Action Scalping System

Using the Price Action Scalping Robot is a breeze if you follow the process below:

1. The first step is to download the EA’s file.

2. Save the file in a location on your PC you will easily remember.

3. Launch your MT4 trading terminal and open the trading chart you want to install the EA.

4. Install the EA and configure the settings to suit your trading preferences.

5. The next step is to run the EA using a demo account. The essence of using a demo account is for you not to lose your trading capital in case things go south.

6. If you master the operations of the EA, you can then start using it on a live account to make real money.

Final Remarks On Price Action Scalping EA 2021

The Price Action Scalping EA is one of the best expert advisors on the market. It can combine with technical indicators and also leverage artificial intelligence to fetch you trading opportunities that you can make a high return on your investment. In addition, it allows traders to fix lots and also generate compound interest. Another stunning feature of this tool is that there is no martingale and grid while in operation.

To make the most out of the forex market, combine this EA with technical indicators like the Support and Resistance indicators, Gap Indicator, MACD indicator, and the Breakout Indicator. The combination of this EA with any of these indicators will not only improve your trading strategies, but it would also help you to reach your profit projections on time.

For emphasis sake, do not use this EA with a live account, except you have robust experience doing that. At best, start with a demo account. Using a demo account would help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes that would cost you your trading capital.

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