Prince fx ea review

Hello everybody to our best ea forex website! Last time we posted our Forex Enigma Review article. Today we are doing a full in detail Prince FX EA review. But before gettings started, we must say that this robot is on the pricey side, considered a TOP EA for all the incredible features, settings and it also trades on every single currency ever. So if you buy this robot, then you won´t need another one because the Prince FX EA performs like no other in the market. So, let´s get started with this Prince FX EA review already and see if this one makes our Best Forex Robots page.

What is Prince FX EA?

The FX Prince EA is a fully automated Forex trading robot that works on its own on the market. And it was made to trade on the MT4 platform and it supports any platform of your choice. But you must know that, although this robot is made for all traders and beginners, it is very expensive. And the main reason for this price is because it comes with highly advanced features that normal robots don´t have. So you can expect it to get phenomenal results while trading because it supports all 20 currency pairs, metals, oils, and commodities.
So, let´s get started with this Prince FX EA review to see what it has to offer!

Prince FX EA Features

  • The Prince FX EA is capable of trading on all currency pairs, commodities, silver, gold, any metal, and even oil too.
  • All of the risk levels can be customized and changed at any given time.
  • It trades on the MT4 trading platform and supports any broker.
  • While trading with this EA your account is secured using an Equity Control Mechanism.
  • A reward risk to ratio feature operates at all times while performing on the market.
  • Fast-growing account balance thanks to finding the best and most lucrative trades.
  • While being a fully automated trading software, it has a FIFO system and a money-management feature built-in.
  • This robot has low drawdown control on all the trades.

prince fx ea

Who is behind Prince FX EA?

For this part of the Prince FX EA review, we are giving you an insight into the people that operate behind this robot. So far, there is information about them on the official website. They give many contact e-mails, phone numbers, and all of their social media domains. But, there are no names or addresses of anyone besides the location “Prince FX Trading & Training Centre”. So, after knowing how elite and luxurious this robot is, we expected to find a lot more information about the developers and creators behind it. But we hope they can add this information soon, as it is really important to show transparency in this business. So, we´ll keep you updated! You can find a similar review about this trading robot on:

Prince FX EA Trading Strategy

For this section of this Prince FX EA review, we are disclosing and analyzing everything you need to know about this robot’s performance. So, we are going in-depth about all its features, settings and so much more. So, before jumping in we must say this robot has a lot of innovative and new features that easily make it stand out from the rest of EAs. And it also is capable of trading with full customization of the features and settings that you choose.

Speaking of the currency pairs available, all 20 of them are compatible with this EA. And also you can trade using commodities, oil, and even precious metals. So you won´t ever need another type of robot, this one has you fully covered! And the risk levels while trading can be changed too so they can match your trading strategy or plan. So that´s why your account will face such a high increase in profits while trading. And don´t forget all of this is possible because this robot has a very small drawdown all while giving you a lot of money per trade.

To make it possible for the Prince FX EA to have such high profitability levels, it uses a stop-loss and take profit feature. So this way it always closes the trades in profit, even if the trend goes in the opposite direction. And also an advanced money-management feature protects your account, as well as an Equity Control Mechanism. But, although this robot has such incredible and profitable features, for us, the best part is all results provided are verified by Myfxbook. And if look at their official website and some third-party websites, you will find all the comments and feedback from clients is positive.

EA Prices/ Packages

In this part of the Prince FX EA review, let´s go and disclose all of the luxury packages and offers available of this EA. So far, there are 5 different offers with many price ranges to choose from. And they all have a 60-day full money-back guarantee and customer support 24/7.
So, when purchasing these packages you get:

Starter Plan

  • 1 User License.
  • 20 Real Trading Accounts.
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts.
  • Price: USD 2,500

Standard Plan

  • 2 Users Licenses.
  • 40 Real Trading Accounts.
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts.
  • Price: USD 3,900

Ultimate Plan

  • 5 Users Licenses.
  • 80 Real Trading Accounts.
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts.
  • Price: USD 5,900

Corporate Plan

  • 10 Users Licenses.
  • Unlimited Real Accounts.
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts.
  • Price: USD 9,900

Optimal Plan

  • 1 User License.
  • 5 Real Trading Accounts.
  • 20 Demo Accounts.
  • Payment must be made using PayPal or Neteller only.
  • Price: USD 1,000

And for the payment methods available, we get the basics. So you can use any international credit card or money brokers like Visa, Master Card, Skrill, or American Xpress. But, if you don´t like the idea of sharing your personal banking information, then PayPal is available too. So you can purchase this robot with no complications!

EA Pros & Cons


  • It trades with all currency pairs, gold, silver, metals, commodities, and oil too.
  • Unlimited demo accounts are available with every package offered.
  • The Prince FX EA has incredibly positive reviews from all its customers.
  • All of the results provided are live and verified from Myfxbook.


  • Very high prices per package.

Conclusions Prince FX EA Review 2021

This is the very end of this incredible Prince FX EA review! And we have to admit, we are more than impressed with this whole review. There are far too many benefits and advantages while trading with this robot! And you can check it yourself if you think it is too good to be true. So, if you have the money to invest it right away, you should purchase this robot. But don´t forget to let us know your opinion about this Prince FX EA review too! PS: we did an interesting Forex Diamond EA Review also.

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.