Stryke Trend Review

Hello everybody welcome to our best ea forex blog! Last time we shared our Forex Trendy Review. Today is a very special day because we are doing a Stryke Trend review! This robot came out just a few days ago to dominate the Forex market charts with its amazing results and strategy. And it can be twice as profitable as the most popular EAs on the market right now! So, to get all information without losing any of it, we are disclosing each topic about this robot while giving you full insight too. And we are highlighting some key points like the performance and the benefits you get while using it. So, let´s get started with this Stryke Trend review already!

What´s the Stryke Trend?

The Stryke TrendEA is a brand new fully automated Forex software. And this robot came out just a few days ago on the market to give you the best experience while trading. So far, there are many websites, blogs, and third party sites that are jumping in to make a full review of this EA. And that´s why we had to do it too! But, although the Stryke Trend was developed by a new Forex company, it doesn´t mean it´s not worth the risk. We checked the website ourselves and it has a lot of potential.

We must say that a few details are missing from the official website, but it´s nothing too bad. So far, we can tell already that this EA has potential and can become big in the future. It works only on the EURUSD currency pair and provides long-term profits for all traders. And comes with the essential features and settings of the best robots in the market right now: take-profit and stop-loss. Also, it´s the main strategy while trading is mid-scalping and it is capable of generating incredible profits in a short time. Do not forget to read our Forex Diamond EA Review also! So, if you are interested in learning what else this robot has to offer, make sure to read this Stryke Trend review!

Stryke Trend Features

  • It trades only with the EURUSD currency pair.
  • The Stryke Trend provides full-term profits for your account.
  • The main strategy of this robot is based on mid-scalping.
  • To protect your profits and investments, this robot comes with a take-profit and stop-loss feature while trading.
  • Whenever a trend goes the opposite direction, the Stryke Trend reverses it automatically.
  • This EA is a fully automated Forex trading robot.
  • It does around 1 to 5 trades per week, depending on the market conditions and volatility levels.
  • The timeframe between each trade is around 1 hour.

Who is behind the Stryke Trend?

Knowing information about the people that work behind these robots is important. So for this part of the Stryke Trend review, we are doing full-on research about who they are. And this time, we found a lot of things on their official sales page, which is very nice considering they are a new company. So, these developers are located in India and provide many e-mails just in case you would like to contact them. And the name of the company that sells the Stryke Trend is called Creative EA Solutions Dev Team. But, the only information these developers don´t provide is their real names.

A few other things we found about them on the website is that they did a backtest of a few years before launching the Stryke Trend to the public. But they don´t share those results sadly. And, don´t forget to keep in mind that this company is new and it´s starting from the bottom at the moment. So, in the future is highly probable that we see a lot more information about them on the website, hopefully very soon!

Stryke Trend Trading Strategy

The trading strategy and whole performance of a robot while trading is the most important thing to keep in mind before purchasing. That´s why into this section of the Stryke Trend review, we are analyzing and disclosing everything around that topic. And overall, we have already mentioned some of the most relevant things along with this whole review. But, let´s get into full detail already!

So far, this robot is perfected to trade only the EURUSD currency pair to give you the best performance to maximize your profits in no time. And the timeframe in between most trades is around 1-hour difference. This way, if the trend reverses, you can exit that trade and enter a new one without losing a significant amount of money. And also, the Stryke Trend comes with take-profit and stop-loss features integrated to secure your profits, investments, and your account during the whole performance.

Another few important things to highlight in this topic is that this robot benefits from the market volatility while trading. And that´s the main reason why the Stryke Trend places only 1 to 5 trades per week. the STryke Trend ea is using a similar strategy that we saw before in our Econ Power Trader review article.

Prices & Packages

For this part of the Stryke Trend review, we are disclosing all the packages, offers, different prices, and bonuses available on the official sales page. And at the moment, there is only one offer listed on the website. But, thankfully there is an amazing discount price provided by the developers to celebrate the final launch of this robot. So, when you purchase this robot you get:

  • Full Stryke Trend software.
  • The vendor provides a free Forex robot after purchase.
  • Normal price: USD 199
  • Discount price: USD 99

This discounted price will be available until October 1st as mentioned on the official website. And for all the payment options available to get this robot, we have the usual and most common ones. So, you can use any international credit card or PayPal if you don´t like sharing this type of information.

Pros & Cons


  • The Stryke Trend comes with a full instruction guide to help you set up the robot.
  • You get free robots with your purchase.
  • The developers behind this robot are professional coders, engineers, and Forex traders.
  • Very affordable prices and discounts.


  • This EA doesn´t come with live verified results from any third party website.
  • The official sales page of the Stryke Trend has a lack of information.

Conclusions Stryke Trend Review 2021

Finally the end of this Stryke Trend review! There are many trend EA’s these days. We also published a Forex Trend Detector Review. What do you think so far? Do you think this robot is worth the risk? For us, we see nothing but potential around this EA. And it seems to have a lot of room for future improvements to keep getting better and better. So, make sure to keep your eye open for the Stryke Trend, because it seems to be incredible and it is just starting!

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.