Z Trader FX ea Review

Today on best ea forex we are jumping in with a Z Trader FX ea review. And this robot has been out for quite some time now, but we decided to review it anyway because there are many mixed opinions about it. We already shared a detailled odin forex ea review last week. But we continue to make detailed forex ea reviews. So, instead of only listening to other people´s opinions, we decided to analyze this robot on our own! And as always we are going to discuss and give you a very detailed insight into all the things you need to know before purchasing this robot. So, let´s get into this Z Trader FX review to see if it can make it to our Best Forex Robots page!

What´s the Z Trader FX?

The Z Trader FX is quite a new robot that operates automatically on the Forex market. This robot has many backtests available as well as verified accounts from third-party websites like Myfxbook and FX Blue. And since its launch, it has become very popular among all types of traders going from beginners to professionals because it offers a very easy way to trade. So far, this EA is very safe as it doesn´t trade using strategies or features that can blow up your account. Instead, it works using innovative algorithms that only operate when the market conditions are adequate.
So, are you excited to hear what this robot has to offer? Let´s find out in this Z Trader FX ea review!

Z Trader FX Features

  • It works on the MT4 only and it operates with any brokerage of your choice.
  • This software is a fully automated system.
  • You can check all the backtesting history of this robot on the official website.
  • The Z Trader FX doesn´t work with any grid, martingale, a hedging strategy. So your account will be safe at all times.
  • When purchasing this robot, you get from 2 to 3 demo accounts available. So you can practice with them before jumping in with real money.
  • The Z Trader FX operates with the EURUSD currency pair only.
  • The maximum drawdown level of this robot is around 35% when the market is showing very uncertain conditions.
  • This robot doesn´t open a lot of trades monthly. Instead, it only opens a few trades with the robot detects a good and profitable trend.

Who are the people that work behind the Z Trader FX?

As transparency is crucial for all of us in this business, for this section of the Z Trader FX ea review, we are disclosing all the information we can find about the people behind this robot. And so far we must clarify that there´s not a lot about them on the official website. But the vendor states that their developers worked on this robot for many years before launching to the public. And they even provide their backtesting results on the sales page. So you can check them out as well as the verified results from Myfxbook and FX Blue. Also, you can get in touch with them directly using the e-mail account they provide: ztraderfxea@gmail.com
So as you can see, despite not providing a lot of information, they reply to all questions and are very transparent with their robot.

z trader fx ea

Z Trader FX Trading Strategy

Finally, we got into the most important part of the Z Trader FX ea review, the overall trading strategy, and the performance of this EA while being on the Forex market. So the first thing to point out is this robot has a very small drawdown while trading, and it only opens trades when the algorithm detects high profits. And this is the main reason why the Z Trader FX opens very little trades monthly, as it doesn´t trade under uncertain market conditions. So the biggest drawdown levels you can expect are around 35%, which is nothing compared to the big gains you gain monthly.

This software is fully automated and it works using advanced algorithms while working on the Forex market. And when it comes to the supported currency pairs, it only trades with the EURUSD one. But it is built to operate on that pair while getting the biggest profits. These days there are many forex robots. One off the better ones we shared in our forex diamond ea review. Also, remember that the more money you invest the more you gain, that´s why this robot needs a deposit of around USD 100 or 200 dollars to operate. And the best part about this EA is that your trading account will always be safe as it doesn´t use any type of grid, martingale, or hedging strategy while trading.

Prices & Packages Available

Into this part of the Z Trader FX ea review, we are getting into detail about all the packages available on the official website. So we are disclosing all the features, advantages, and prices of each one of them. And we have to mention that there are no discounts available to get any of these packages at the moment. But, hopefully, in the future the seller provides more bonuses and sales to get this robot.
The two packages available to get the Z Trader FX are:

First package

  • Works on the MT4 only.
  • Customer support available.
  • 2 real accounts.
  • 2 demo accounts.
  • Membership for a lifetime.
  • Free upgrades and updates.
  • Price: USD 117

Second package

  • Works on the MT4 only.
  • Customer support available.
  • 3 real accounts.
  • 3 demo accounts.
  • Membership for a lifetime.
  • Free upgrades and updates.
  • Price: USD 137

And while looking into all the different payment choices we have, thankfully this time all of them are available. So, you can pay using your banking information through any international credit card like Visa or Master Card. But, if you rather keep this information private, then you can use PayPal too! So it´s up to you to choose the one that adapts best for you.

Pros & Cons


  • You can see the official backtest of this EA on the website.
  • The Z Trader FX doesn´t use dangerous strategies while trading.
  • This robot has live and verified results from FX Blue.


  • You must deposit at least USD 100 or 200 for this EA to operate properly.
  • This robot only trades the EURUSD currency pair.

Conclusions Z Trader FX ea Review 2021

So this is finally the end of this Z Trader FX ea review! What do you think so far? Did you change your perspective about his robot? We must say that all traders get different experiences when it comes to trading. So you can´t let a few opinions define a software without trying it out yourself. And also remember that this robot comes with at least 2 demo accounts that you can use before trading on your real account. But, also remember that you can see the incredible results of the performance of this robot on Myfxbook or FX Blue. And you also get the backtests on the website if you want to see them too!
Don´t forget to let us know your opinion about this Z Trader FX review too! Would you purchase it after reading all it has to offer?

  • 100% AUTOMATED
  • 24/7 SUPPORT

This Forex Robot is currently our favorite. Off course because off the High Accuracy which generates nice profits. But mostly off the Proper Risk Management they are using.